China News Service, Xuzhou, December 6th, title: "Face" and "lizi" beauty in the beautiful countryside of Suining, Jiangsu

  Author Zhu Zhigeng Gu Shigang

  The red brick paved path is flat and tidy, extending the natural artistic conception of the village garden; the rural revitalization cultural wall painting makes the "cold" wall instantly warm and smart; the scattered flowers and plants can be seen everywhere, and the village is decorated like a scenic spot... …A few days ago, I came to visit the beautiful countryside of Jiangsu Suining Economic Development Zone (Jincheng Street) and enjoyed a visual feast.

  Suining Economic Development Zone (Jincheng Street) continues to promote the improvement of the rural human settlement environment, shaping and casting the soul of the beautiful countryside, focusing on the construction of "large agricultural gardens" and "large rural parks", maintaining pastoral ecology and highlighting the beauty of the countryside; The construction of "Farmers Paradise" enhances the connotation of rural culture, and realizes the beauty of "face" and "lizi" in the spring rain of "Ten New Styles of Civilization in Suining", transforming from "temporary beauty" to "lasting beauty".

The old man is discussing the cleaning of the village.

Photo by Gu Shigang

Beautiful and livable: happiness here "everyone"

  At 9:15 in the morning on November 27, in the village head park of the Xinzhuang Group, Han'er Community, Suining Economic Development Zone (Jincheng Street), a group of elderly people over 60 were discussing the cleaning of the village.

"The road in the village has been repaired, the square has been built, and the village is clean. We must protect our environmental sanitation "responsibility field"." 85-year-old Zhang Xiuyun stood up with a smile and cleaned their "responsibility field" with everyone.

  "Our'silver-haired' environmental cleaning volunteer team in Han'er Community is a beautiful landscape on the community road. Not only do they shuttle around corners and corners of the village every day to remove weeds and pick up trash, but they are also good at moving hard and daring to sing. 'Black face' becomes'Bao Gong', and uncivilized behaviors such as littering of garbage, parking vehicles, damaging public facilities, spitting and other uncivilized behaviors will be corrected, discouraged and educated in a timely manner." Han's Second Community Party Branch Secretary Zhu Lixin said that they now have "laws" to follow, and "Ten Articles of New Civilization in Suining County" can be remembered clearly.

Happy to receive prizes.

Photo by Gu Shigang

  There are 22 resident groups in Han'er Community, with a population of 5,838 and an area of ​​6665 mu of arable land.

Among them, 11 groups have built new-type rural communities, and 6 natural villages, including 11 general natural villages (groups), Zhongxinzhuang and Guolou, have built beautiful and livable villages.

In order to stimulate the endogenous motivation of the masses to spontaneously participate in the improvement of the living environment, and to realize the long-term management and protection mechanism from "autonomy" to "co-governance", the village has created a "love supermarket" to exchange beautiful points for prizes.

  The 67-year-old Shan Xiuben used 50 points to change the cooking oil and washing powder at the "Love Supermarket". "I am an old party member. I not only clean the front and back of my house, but also clean the public toilets in the village. Do it for everyone. Doing something feels comfortable, and the environment is better, everyone is comfortable. This prize is an honor." Shan Benxiu said happily.

A corner of Qiuwei community.

Photo by Gu Shigang

  Cao Sisi, 32, brought his son to receive the prize.

"Mom, this is mine. I put the garbage you sorted out into the trash can accurately every day, and the grandfather who transported the trash can praised me." The son happily picked up a bag to show off to his mother.

Relying on the points reward mechanism, the Han Er community allows the masses to earn points, exchange materials, and receive praise in the governance of human settlements, effectively stimulating the people’s endogenous motivation, and furthering the masses’ sense of gain, happiness, and security. Enhanced.

  "The current environment is much better than before. After dinner at night, I can go to the park for a walk in fitness." The 56-year-old Wang Yigui was full of happiness in his words.

  Zhu Lixin said that with the investment of county, sub-district and community funds, Han'er Community has become "face" and "lizi" beautiful.

  Since 2020, a total of more than 13.5 million yuan has been invested in the improvement of rural human settlements in Han'er Community, 5.16 kilometers of asphalt roads between households have been built, 186 street lights have been installed, 8 public toilets and 6 village square amusement parks have been built. More than 2,000 square meters of cultural walls were drawn, and each household was equipped with a three-cell septic tank.

Beautiful and livable: happiness here is "visible"

  Entering the new-type community of Qiuwei Community in Suining Economic Development Zone (Jincheng Street), the newly paved asphalt road extends in all directions, the fenced vegetable garden is neat and clean, and the red lanterns on the gates of every house are gently swaying in the breeze...

Qiuwei community in the night.

Photo by Gu Shigang

  "The'urban people' who have been here now have the urge to be'village people'. This was not the case in the village before, when there were overgrown weeds, piles of rubbish, and sewage flowed through the construction of new rural communities and rural areas. With the comprehensive improvement of the human settlement environment, we are living a life that is different from what we used to be." said Zhang Chenghui, secretary of the Party branch of Qiuwei Community.

  Qiuwei community invested more than 2 million yuan to renovate and brighten the landscape of the community, added fences and small courtyards, and built a large stage for the people; invested 400,000 yuan to build a village history museum, recording the evolution of Qiuwei community from 3 natural villages into a happy livable The history of the community retains homesickness; in order to provide for the elderly in the community and enrich the life of the elderly, another 260,000 yuan was invested to build a home care service center for the elderly.

  "I'm almost 70 years old, how good would this environment be! What a good life is, the life we ​​live now is a good life." Du Xiujin, who was busy in the fenced vegetable garden in front of his house, said happily .

A scene of Qiuwei community.

Photo by Gu Shigang

  Qiuwei Community is located on the west side of Baitang River Wetland Park, east of Provincial Highway 251, the whole community covers an area of ​​about 13 square kilometers, 4658 mu of arable land, 1,100 households, and a population of 3,773.

At present, the collective cooperative has transferred 1,364 acres of land to independently manage lotus root shrimp, rice and shrimp co-cultivation, walnut gardens, and Chinese white jade snail breeding projects.

This year, the total sales of Qiuwei's characteristic nested crayfish will reach 9 million yuan, and the sales of lotus root will also exceed 18 million yuan. The collective economic income target for 2021 will exceed 1.2 million yuan.

  "I used to be a full-time mother, and now I have free time to live in the community live room to carry goods and sell community-specific agricultural products. It will not affect sending children to school, but the income has exceeded my previous wages for working!" Community resident Zhu Ming said happily .

  Up to now, Suining Economic Development Zone (Jincheng Street) has invested a total of 47.5 million yuan in the improvement of human settlements, not only shaping the “shape” of the “face value” of the village, but also casting the “soul” in enhancing the “intrinsic temperament” of rural governance .