In the Tokyo stock market on the 7th, the Nikkei Stock Average temporarily rose by more than 600 yen.

The new mutant virus, Omicron strain, has become somewhat less alert, and the development has been totally high.

▽ Nikkei Stock Average, closing price on the 7th is 28.45.60 yen, which is 528.23 yen higher than the 6th.

▽ Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics rose 42.31 to 1989.85.

▽ The daily trading volume was 1,291.11 million shares.

Market officials said, "While the sense of caution about the future of the world economy due to Omicron stocks has eased somewhat, the rise in stock prices in major Asian markets has also been a tailwind, and the price has risen by more than 600 yen at one point. There was also a scene where it became. "