“Coming from the Latin 'Australis', Austral is a word widespread and present in many European languages.

Written in full, it claims the French origins of the manufacturer.

It also evokes the colors and warmth of the southern hemisphere.

It's a name that invites you to travel and is perfect for an SUV.

Its phonetics are harmonious, balanced and easy to pronounce by all, while being international ”.

This is how Renault explains the choice of the name of its new model, intended to replace the Kadjar launched in 2015. Usually, the manufacturer however readily capitalizes on a successful name, even if it means using it on a vehicle that does not 'has more the specificities at the origin of this success precisely.

We think for example of Twingo and Espace.

This name change is therefore confirmation that Renault wishes to forget the Kadjar which, in fact, was not a success.

Developed on the Nissan Qashqai platform, the Austral will measure 4.51 m long and should offer hybrid engines.

Its launch is scheduled for next spring.


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