Specially set up an agricultural industry chain pavilion, nearly 10 academicians lead the agricultural industry chain, and use technology to empower the high-quality development of the industry; 45 projects with large investment scale, high technology content and good development prospects are selected for centralized docking and signing... This is the day before Some highlights of the 2021 Hubei Agricultural Expo in Wuhan.

The reporter saw at the scene that the livestock and poultry industry chain exhibition area was based on the theme of "reassuring meat, eggs and milk, linking tens of thousands of families; food for the people, pig food for the world" as the theme, with a variety of exhibited products and lively and interesting interactive activities. Show the development level of Hubei's animal husbandry industry chain.

  As a large agricultural province and a granary in central China, Hubei's grain production has remained above 50 billion catties for eight consecutive years.

In order to promote the construction of key agricultural industry chains, Hubei has formulated and released the "Implementation Plan for Hubei Province Key Agricultural Industrial Chains" this year. Hubei tea, high-quality rice, rapeseed oil, crayfish, citrus, vegetables, live pigs, poultry and eggs The key agricultural industry chains such as products have established expert teams and special work classes, and formulated detailed implementation plans, which have become a powerful engine for the high-quality development of Hubei's agricultural industrialization.

  According to the plan, the province will focus on 10 leading agricultural industry chains, focusing on cultivating 100 leading enterprises in sub-industry and 1,000 leading enterprises in growth, driving the income of nearly 10 million farmers, and establishing a chain length system for 10 leading agricultural industries. ——One industrial chain is led by a provincial leader, a lead unit is in charge, an expert team is guided, and a dedicated work class is promoted.

This will become an important starting point for Hubei to break the bottleneck of agricultural development.

  The development of agricultural industrialization is a systematic project that involves many departments, related policies, and many links. The establishment of a chain length system is conducive to high-level advancement, integration of resources, and precise force.

Wu Zuyun, director of the Agricultural Affairs Office of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Secretary of the Party Group of the Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, introduced that focusing on key agricultural industry chains, Hubei fully promotes global investment promotion, integration of leading enterprises, brand promotion, technological innovation, and project construction , Element guarantee and other aspects, the results are beginning to show.

In the first three quarters of this year, the contracted amount of agricultural investment in the province reached 117.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 98.5%.

This year, 20 national-level leading enterprises are recommended, and 125 provincial-level leading enterprises are added.

The ten key industrial chains maintained a good momentum of steady progress.

  Hubei has always attached great importance to brand building of agricultural products. Since the beginning of this year, it has focused on implementing the brand cultivation and promotion project. According to the parent-child brand model of "regional public brand + corporate product brand", it integrates resources, concentrates forces, concentrates channels, and concentrates on publicity.

Today, 11 brands including Yichang Mandarin are shortlisted in the 2019 China Agricultural Brands Catalog as the regional public brands of agricultural products. The estimated value of Qianjiang lobster, Zigui navel orange, Enshi selenium tea, and Suizhou mushrooms are respectively 23.877 billion yuan, 2.489 billion yuan, and 2.088 billion yuan. , 1.688 billion yuan.

  Since Hubei has promoted the construction of ten key agricultural industry chains, various localities and departments have also actively increased the construction of infrastructure such as e-commerce, warehousing, and logistics to build a supply chain from the "first mile" of the field to the "last mile" of the table.

  A few days ago, SF Smart Cloud Warehouse in Zhijiang City opened positions.

This is Hubei's first large-scale e-commerce smart cloud warehouse located in a county-level city and the largest e-commerce logistics distribution center in western Hubei.

"The warehouse is built in the field, which can reduce the loss of agricultural products. The processing capacity of Zhijiang SF's smart cloud warehouse automatic distribution equipment reaches 12,000 pieces/hour, and the logistics cost is reduced by 5% to 10% compared with the previous one." Zhijiang City E-commerce Public Service Center director Tan Chuanfa said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the city will actively introduce a group of express companies to build distribution centers, and strive to achieve sales of 20 billion yuan within 5 years.

  Hubei will continue to increase its efforts in the construction of key agricultural industry chains, and strive to make further breakthroughs in major leading enterprises, brand value enhancement, market development, technological empowerment, interest linkage, and policy support.

From 2021 to 2025, 500 million yuan will be allocated annually to support leading enterprises in scientific and technological research, agricultural product processing, key equipment purchase, technological transformation, cold chain logistics, etc. ; Each year, 500 million yuan will be coordinated to provide discounts on loans to operating entities focusing on leading enterprises.

(Economic Daily News reporter Liu Jie and Dong Qingsen)