, Lanzhou, December 6th (Zhang Jing) In the Internet era, social networking and payment are convenient. While we are enjoying the dividends brought by scientific and technological achievements, the elderly are struggling not to get on the Internet express. Troubled.

Digitalization meets aging, how to break the "digital divide"?

Gansu has recently opened a fast service line for the elderly, especially focusing on the hot issues that the elderly are concerned, so as to achieve rapid response.

  The reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security on the 6th that the Gansu Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Advisory Hotline has set up a special care service for the elderly to provide this group with more comprehensive, considerate and warm and convenient services. There is a full-time human customer service from 8 am to 22:00 every day to answer calls from elderly users and ensure that they respond within 6 seconds.

  It is understood that when the elderly call the 12333 consultation hotline at this level in Gansu Province, they can directly enter the "Elderly Service Special Seat" through the "6" key to enjoy manual services, so that the elderly can consult policies and handle business without going out or queuing. Solve practical problems in a timely and effective manner.

The elderly have a strong desire to bridge the "digital divide".

The picture shows that the Ganjiaxiang Community of Lanzhou City is launching a smart phone course for the elderly.

(Data map) Photo by Gao Kangdi

  Zhu Jianzheng, a 65-year-old retired worker from Lanzhou, dialed the above-mentioned consultation hotline to learn about the relevant policies on the payment of pension insurance benefits. He said that he had inconvenience on his legs and feet, and suffered from "cannot queue up, and the child is not around." Let me experience a VIP treatment. The other party is very patient, speaks slowly, and gives detailed explanations for the problems I am troubled by." He said.

  The Gansu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security stated that taking into account the slower speech speed of the elderly and the slower acceptance of new things, the official selection of older party members from the existing team, who is proficient in business policies, caring and patient at the provincial level Consultation hotline senior caring service consultants make special requirements in terms of language, tone, speed, volume, etc., with the goal of slowing down the speed of "hands-on" online guidance, and strengthen the training of special-line consultants.

  Regarding the issue of pension insurance benefits, senior-age subsidies, pension insurance benefits receiving certification, social security card services, and basic pension increase policy consultations that the elderly focus on, the consultation hotline conducts weekly study sessions and selects typical case recordings. Discuss the “unintelligible” issues of the elderly, sort out and form an easy-to-accept answer method, so as to facilitate the elderly’s understanding of the policy.

Analyze the content of historical consultations, sort out high-frequency issues such as pension adjustments, make full use of the achievements of the province’s human and social information construction, quickly inquire about high-frequency consultation matters for the elderly, and solve common hot issues that the elderly care about in real time through telephone consultation .

  In the next step, the consultation hotline in the field of human resources and social security in Gansu Province will actively explore the self-service voice version of the elderly caring service seats, web pages and WeChat online customer service interface for the elderly, so that the elderly do not run errands or queue up. It will be able to promptly and effectively solve the confusion encountered in the human and social sector, and continue to improve the convenience and equalization of the province's human and social public services.