“In energy, it seems to me, at the same time - in the next 30 years - a radical revision of all basic principles will take place.

And I will emphasize that this is not only about the electric power industry, which is dear to me, but also about industry, transport, agriculture, construction, and everyday life.

In general, we are talking about all those areas where energy appears.

They will all undergo profound fundamental transformations, "RIA Novosti quotes Chubais as saying at the Open Innovations forum.

According to him, these events will change the life of every person, and will also change almost all businesses.

He noted that Russia is vulnerable to these changes due to the special role of the energy sector.

“On the one hand, we are extremely vulnerable, and on the other hand, we have tremendous opportunities.

In addition to the fact that the energy transition will change all branches of the real sector in the country without exception, it also opens up opportunities for the creation of those branches that do not exist at all now, "Chubais added.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the domestic energy industry is currently one of the greenest in the world.