[Explanation] With the sound of a whistle, China's easternmost high-speed rail-Mujia High-speed Railway drove out of Mudanjiang Station and officially opened for operation on December 6, and the high-speed rail network in Heilongjiang Province was interconnected.

Mudanjiang to Jiamusi can be reached within 2 hours and 10 minutes at the fastest. The high-speed railway network in Northeast China has been further improved, making it easier and faster for the people to travel.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the Mujia High-speed Railway is located in the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province. It is part of the Shenyang-Jiamusi high-speed railway and is currently the easternmost high-speed railway in my country. It has a total length of 372 kilometers and a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The entire line includes Mudanjiang, Linkou South, Jiamusi, etc. 7 passenger stations.

  [Concurrent] Dai Chunfeng, Deputy Minister of Mujia High-speed Railway Passenger Transport Department

  At the initial stage of the opening of the Mujia High Speed ​​Rail, we arranged a total of 18 EMUs, including 5 through EMUs and 13 EMUs within the pipeline.

Through the opening of the main line, loop line and cross-line EMUs, the interconnection between the major prefecture-level cities in Heilongjiang Province has been realized, and the long-standing high-speed rail gaps in Jixi, Qitaihe, and Shuangyashan have also been resolved.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the Mujia high-speed rail is currently the most "freeze-resistant" high-speed rail in China.

In order to adapt to the cold winter climate in Heilongjiang, the Mujia High-speed Railway has adopted cold-resistant power signal equipment and installed switch snow melting systems to ensure the safety of trains in the high-cold area. It also carried out a "warm upgrade" to the facilities in the car, and gave passengers a Warm and mellow travel environment.

  [Concurrent] Huang Lei, Chief of Technical Quality Inspection Section of Harbin EMU

  Due to the high winds and frequent snowfall in winter, this puts higher requirements and challenges on the adaptability of our EMUs on this line.

Through the low-temperature adaptability of the accessories, the cold-proof, anti-freezing, sealing, and impact resistance of the EMUs have been optimized and improved, such as the electric tea stoves and toilets that our passengers often use. These winters are easy to freeze and affect passengers. In use, we have improved the efficiency of the heat tracing on the pipeline, added a heat tracing blanket, and re-wrapped the cold-proof material.

Improved the ability to prevent freezing, so that we will not be frozen during the winter operation, and will not affect the use of passengers.

  [Explanation] In addition to the "cold protection" of the high-speed trains, the drivers of the Mu-Jia high-speed railway have also conducted rigorous training for this line.

The reporter discovered during the ride that there are not a few steep slopes on the Mu-Jia high-speed rail, and the tunnels are one after another. The EMU drivers all laughed and said that this line seemed to be a "hole-piercing roller coaster."

The route through mountains and ridges is also a severe test of the driving ability of drivers.

  [Concurrent] Mudanjiang Locomotive Depot EMU Operation Workshop, instructing driver Liu Zhao

  This line has a relatively large slope, with the largest slope reaching 25 per thousand, and there are more undulating slopes. There are as many as 55 ramps exceeding 55 per thousand, which is similar to a roller coaster-like railway. No matter how the route changes, our drivers must keep the train running at a constant speed.

(Winter) Before entering the station and stopping, the driver needs to clear the snow on the gates in advance. The train is easy to drive but difficult to stop. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the train and the comfort of passengers. Our driver , Facing a severe test.

  [Commentary] The reporter discovered that on the day when the Mujia High-speed Railway opened, many passengers had already entered the carriages and couldn't wait to try this alpine railway.

Xie Zhaofu was the first batch of passengers on the Mujia High-speed Rail. He told reporters that because the children worked in Jiamusi, he and his wife would visit them at intervals. Before the opening of the Mujia High-speed Rail, they always chose to take a train or drive there.

However, the train time is long, the driving cost is high and the driving is hard, there is always no way to get the best of both worlds, but with the opening of the Mujia high-speed rail, this problem has been solved.

  [Concurrent] Mujia high-speed rail passenger Xie Zhaofu

  In the past, we often traveled from Mudanjiang to Jiamusi, but it takes twelve or three hours by train, and seven hours at the fastest. The economic burden of driving at high speed is very heavy, and the round-trip price is several times higher than this.

So this time, I will experience this. It is fast in combination. The first price is very reasonable, the second one can see the scenery is very good, and the environment in the car is also very good.

  [Explanation] With the opening of the Mujia high-speed rail, the cities along the line have been connected. Passengers no longer have to experience the hardships of long journeys in the cold winter. They only need to spend a few comfortable hours in the car to get warm. When arriving at the destination in harmony, the passengers happily said that it was really convenient and warm.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Zhang, a passenger on Mujia High Speed ​​Rail

  I took the high-speed rail to Qitaihe Station. I used to take a bus to Qitaihe. It was very inconvenient and the journey was relatively long. Now, the high-speed rail is very convenient and it is very safe to bring children.

The environment in the car is very good and very warm.

  [Explanation] After the opening of the Mujia High-speed Railway, it will form the eastern high-speed rail link of Heilongjiang Province together with the existing Ha-Mu High-speed Railway and Ha-Jia Railway. The transformation and upgrading of large-scale cities is of great significance to assist the comprehensive and all-round revitalization of the Northeast.

  Sun Hanlun and Li Jiangming report from Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】