[Explanation] On December 6, at the 24th Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Seminar (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing-Hong Kong Fair), Beijing and Hong Kong signed 11 projects on site, with an amount equivalent to 8.84 billion U.S. dollars.

  [Explanation] The projects signed on the day involve key areas such as biomedicine, artificial intelligence, life and health, and new energy.

Wang Shulin, director of the Beijing Center of Hong Kong Simou Group, one of the contracting parties, said that Beijing's advantages in the center and talents are obvious and are in line with the company's development plan.

  [Concurrent] Wang Shulin, Director of Beijing Center of Hong Kong Simou Group

  Hong Kong Simou Group intends to set up an intelligent R&D headquarters in Beijing. We attract the world's top computer talents and industrial and artificial intelligence talents to join our company. It happens that there are many universities in the capital.

  [Explanation] Beijing's determination and action in building an international science and innovation center is attracting more companies to come.

  [Concurrent] Su Hua, General Manager of Beijing Future Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd.

  The main focus is on the future of Science City’s hydrogen energy development plan, and it has also given this company many favorable measures, including the "16 points" of hydrogen energy just released. I think it is also very consistent with our company’s own positioning and development. .

  [Explanation] In the first three quarters of 2021, Hong Kong's newly established enterprises in Beijing grew rapidly, basically the same as before the epidemic.

Zhong Yongxi, the chief representative of the Mainland China of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, said that on the one hand, the epidemic situation in the Mainland is very well controlled, and on the other hand, Beijing has obvious advantages in the fields of science and innovation.

  [Concurrent] Chung Yongxi, Chief Representative of Mainland China, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  In several areas, Beijing has obvious advantages in the whole country.

Just now I mentioned the field of science and technology innovation. Many of our unicorn companies and start-ups are located in Zhongguancun. There are more than 30,000 science and technology enterprises in Zhongguancun.

Hong Kong must also vigorously develop itself and become a science and technology innovation center. This also requires strengthening cooperation with foreign countries.

  [Explanation] Zhong Yongxi said that Beijing's abundant university resources and talents are also one of the reasons for attracting Hong Kong capital.

  [Concurrent] Chung Yongxi, Chief Representative of Mainland China, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  We have seen that the resources of universities in Beijing are very rich. For many such talents, how can he transfer his research results to the market after graduation. Hong Kong is also a good platform, so this kind of science and innovation interaction between Beijing and Hong Kong And exchanges have created many new investment opportunities.

  [Explanation] Since the establishment of the Beijing-Hong Kong Fair in 1997, a total of 556 major projects have been signed.

As of October this year, Hong Kong companies have invested a total of US$115.3 billion in Beijing, accounting for nearly 60% of Beijing’s actual use of foreign capital; Beijing’s cumulative direct investment in Hong Kong is US$39.3 billion, accounting for nearly half of Beijing’s overseas investment.

  Reporter Jean Baokui reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]