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  High-quality development and economic transformation and upgrading must be based on the actual conditions of each region. Under the unified deployment of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, each district in Shanghai will blaze a new trail in the wave of high-quality development with new development concepts based on its own reality.

  Songjiang District in Shanghai is a typical example. It does not engage in land finance and is not afraid of the impact of the epidemic. So far, Songjiang's local fiscal revenue has maintained positive growth for 70 consecutive months.

Calculate the current account or the long-term account

  There are trade-offs for high-quality development.

  In recent years, Songjiang has shown the gratifying characteristics of resistance to volatility and growth in the new development pattern of mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles. This is derived from a "long-term account" that Songjiang calculated a few years ago.

  "Songjiang must vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, vigorously develop the productive service industry, promote the division of labor and cooperation with the surrounding cities of the Yangtze River Delta, and continuously improve the level and level of the industry." Songjiang District Party Committee and District Government use this as a light for development.

Transformation and upgrading, heading towards the Yangtze River Delta.

  However, to develop industries and to transform and develop, land resources are an indispensable element.

It coincides with Shanghai's implementation of the "Five Violations and Four Musts" regional environmental comprehensive improvement. This background has given Songjiang a "golden key" to unlock the predicament.

Songjiang seized the opportunity, attacked hard, and vigorously rectified the five violations.

But how to use the large amount of land resources freed up?

  In 2016, the sale price of real estate land was about 30 million yuan per mu, and industrial land was only 1 million yuan per mu. This seems to be a multiple-choice question with obvious answers.

Songjiang District Party Secretary Cheng Xiangmin put forward a "rooster and hen theory", making this multiple choice question a question: "Real estate is like raising a rooster. Raising chickens and killing chickens is a one-shot transaction; engaged in industry is raising hens. Raising chickens and laying eggs will benefit in the long term."

  The result of unified thinking is to always regard manufacturing as the foundation and lifeblood of the economy, and always uphold the new development concept.

Two-thirds of the operational land indicators allocated by land reduction are used for the development of advanced manufacturing; even through planning adjustments, more than 1,000 acres of real estate land has been directly transformed into industrial land.

With this alone, Songjiang "lost" tens of billions of land sales revenue on its books.

However, Songjiang has attracted excellent industrial investment in this way, laying a good and sustainable industrial foundation for future economic development.

A "corridor" leads to nine cities

  High-quality development must focus on innovation.

  "When we learned that the high temperature resistant vacuum sealing tape independently developed by Kejian is a'snap neck' product that can be used for the development of large aircraft, Songjiang District not only bridged the gap between us and COMAC, but also saved us a lot of time and cost. "At Kejian Polymer Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., general manager Wu Haitao was full of joy when he mentioned the cooperation with COMAC.

  In March this year, the Songjiang District Science and Technology Development Office went into the “precise pulse” of the first-line polymer production of Science and Technology to learn more about the industrial chain links corresponding to COMAC, and coordinated COMAC and Science and Technology to conduct face-to-face communication for nearly 30 years. 3 times and 3 technical exchange meetings.

  This is not the first time that the district government has "knocked on" the door of strategic cooperation between leading companies.

Guo Shuqing, a staff member of the G60 Joint Office and Songjiang District Science and Technology Development Office, told reporters that taking advantage of the development opportunities provided by the increase in the supply of industrial land, Songjiang has resolutely deployed the G60 Science and Technology Corridor and has established a precise head enterprise database.

  The energy of the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor does not stop there. Under careful construction, it has become a golden corridor connecting high-quality development.

Adhere to the key variable of scientific and technological innovation, focus on self-controllability, and use science and innovation to drive the "0 to 1" technology iterative butterfly change, catalyze the accumulation and fusion of innovative elements in the Yangtze River Delta, stimulate new kinetic energy in the industrial chain and accelerate fission, and continuously enhance the function of scientific and technological innovation. .

The Science and Technology Innovation Corridor firmly holds a number of key core technologies of advanced manufacturing in its own hands, forming "6+X" strategic emerging industrial clusters such as integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence.

  From version 1.0 of the construction of industry-city integration along the G60 highway in 2016 to version 3.0 in the nine regions of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, the Science and Technology Innovation Corridor has risen from an urban strategy to a regional strategy for the Yangtze River Delta.

Today, the G60 Science and Technology Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta has risen from the local lively practice of upholding new development concepts to a major national strategic platform, forming new momentum for regional development and regional overall international comprehensive competitive advantages.

  Innovation is the first driving force and the fundamental lifeblood and life of the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta.

If you are on the right path, you are not afraid of being far away.

Nowadays, the world-class industrial clusters gathered here lift up the brilliance of Made in China towards China's creation.

Optimizing the business environment is a clever trick

  The business environment is productivity.

  A high-quality business environment is the reason why many companies and talents choose and love Shanghai.

Since 2017, Shanghai has formulated and implemented an optimized business environment plan from version 1.0 to version 4.0.

The business environment is our pragmatic tactic under the premise of allocating resources in the market, and we must grasp it.

The Songjiang District Party Committee and the District Government also made a final decision on the decision-making process.

  In order to promote the development of the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and promote the free flow of resource elements within the integrated area, Songjiang took the lead in establishing the "One Internet Service" mechanism for the G60 Science and Technology Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta in 2018, and issued the first cross-provincial and remote business registration license. , Was listed by the State Council as the first batch of pilot projects for the “One Internet Service” for government services in the Yangtze River Delta.

In the past three years, Shanghai has continued to promote the reform of "one network, one service provider", which has achieved full coverage of administrative examination and approval items, and basically full coverage of citizens and corporate users.

  "Songjiang District currently has 228 cross-provincial handling matters at both urban and urban levels. It not only provides services for enterprises in different places, but also provides services such as the withdrawal of provident funds for residents of the Yangtze River Delta, and promotes the extension of government services to parks and villages. It has opened up the "last metre" of benefiting enterprises and the people, and has provided good support for further optimizing Songjiang's business environment." said Zhang Lei, Party Secretary of Songjiang Government Service Office.

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