In Lebanon, Takreem Awards blast a wave of optimism amid crises

The winners of the Takreem Awards, in Beirut, December 3, 2021 © Noé Pignède / RFI

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In Beirut, the annual Takreem Awards ceremony took place this Friday, a high mass which rewards actors in the economic, humanitarian and scientific world from the Arab world.

Each year, the event brings to the fore the driving forces of the Middle East and the Maghreb, the men and women who work to make the region attractive, despite political tensions and conflicts.


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With our correspondent in Beirut,

Noé Pignède

A tenth edition with great fanfare for the Takreem Awards. After several years abroad, its founder Ricardo Karam dreamed of a ceremony in Beirut: a message of hope, as

his country sinks into crisis

. For him, it is about "

telling the whole world that Lebanon, which is now living its darkest days, remains the cradle of culture, innovation and excellence


On the list this year, an Iraqi architect, a Libyan humanitarian worker or a Lebanese entrepreneur.

A pan-Arab event, therefore, to promote the region's talents on the international scene.

By our unity, we can propel Arab talents even more so that they can possibly win prizes like the Nobel Prize.


The event also aims to overcome the divisions that cross the Middle East.

If the Gulf countries for example recently severed their diplomatic relations with Lebanon, one of the laureates, Mohamed Slim Alouini, made the trip from Saudi Arabia.

And no matter

the geopolitical tensions

for this researcher.

What matters above all is the sharing of knowledge in the Arab world.

Personally, as a scientist, I think it's a recognition award for Arab academics who have chosen to stay in the Arab world.

It is the symbol of this award.


A cry from the heart, while the brain drain is not slowing down in the region: in Lebanon for example, more than three quarters of young people say they want to leave their country for good.


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