Now the industry is fighting for its existence.

Because the industry achieves more than 90 percent of annual sales only with New Year's Eve sales.

One man's suffering is the other's joy, but the other's joy: Umwelthilfe is cheering, after all, there is another year in which the air is not polluted.

The topic also made waves on social media and on the short message service Twitter.

Many reiterated the ban that it could also apply next year.

One may well ask oneself who the bang-out bags are here.

Because no matter how you feel about fireworks - there are actually good reasons to shoot fewer blasters in the air - is this mockery really appropriate?

The industry in Germany is determined by a few traditional companies that are now fighting for their professional survival.

A total of around 3,000 people work for the manufacturers and dealers.

They are now worried about their job shortly before Christmas.

At least there is an encouragement: the industry normally makes 122 million in sales in Germany.

Outside of the bubbles, there still seem to be lovers who would pop again next year.