, Wuhan, December 3 (Reporter Liang Ting) Hubei's consumer market is showing a positive recovery trend, and new types of consumption are developing rapidly.

On the 3rd in Wuhan on the 3rd of New Business Models Leading the High-quality Development of New Consumption Forum, Liu Guangyuan, Deputy Party Secretary and Dean of the Hubei Academy of Social Sciences, stated that new types of consumption have become a new driving force for Hubei's economic development.

  The forum is hosted by the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and is an important part of the first Hubei Green Consumption Expo.

Participating experts and scholars conducted exchanges and discussions around new consumer formats and models.

  Liu Guangyuan said that with the long-term improvement of economic development and the continuous innovation of emerging technologies, the people's yearning for a better life will be diversified and multi-layered, and consumer demand will change.

He pointed out that the current Hubei consumption model and new business formats present four major trends. First, the proportion of online new business consumption will continue to rise; second, affected by the epidemic, the "home economy" has emerged at the historic moment and has broad prospects. In the post-epidemic era Certain consumption habits of residents will also be formed; third is the rise of new consumer groups, and the main groups in the consumer market have transformed into "post-80s", "post-90s" and "post-00s"; fourth, the rapid development of new consumption models of "smart life".

  In recent years, new types of consumption, new formats and new models have been deeply integrated into people's lives in Hubei Province.

With the theme of catering, sports and fitness, and fashion shopping, a night-time consumption model integrating night food, night shopping, night travel, and night health has emerged; a new consumption ecosystem of the entire industry chain from production, sales, application, and service is forming .

  Liu Guangyuan pointed out that the current Hubei consumer market still has the problem of unbalanced development. On the one hand, the development of urban and rural consumer markets is unbalanced, and on the other hand, the development of regional consumer markets is unbalanced.

He suggested that new consumer business models in various fields such as education, health, elderly care, cultural tourism, and retail should be further cultivated and expanded.

Promote the two-way acceleration of online and offline integrated consumption, accelerate the digital transformation and transformation and upgrading of traditional entity enterprises, promote the expansion of service enterprises into the manufacturing field, and cultivate a group of demonstration live broadcast bases with obvious advantages, outstanding characteristics and strong driving force.

In addition, it is necessary to focus on tapping new consumption potential in rural areas, strengthen the construction of rural digital information network infrastructure, and make up for the shortcomings of cold chain logistics facilities for agricultural products.