Public actors seek to send information efficiently and quickly to consumers.

And in this context, the use of podcasts has become almost essential.

The European Consumer Center France has understood this and has just launched “Conso le dise!

", A digital radio station which answers everyday questions and sheds light on what the European Union does in concrete terms for its citizens.

As Elphège Tignel, communications officer at CEC France explains in a press release, “The objective of this podcast is to (give) consumers simple and practical advice so that they can understand their rights and exercise them in different situations of everyday life.


Many European rules

All in all, you will be able to know how to react if your flight is canceled, to whom to return in the event of an undelivered order or a broken product, or even understand why you should be wary of sites that practice



Available on the major distribution platforms - Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Prodigee, Amazon Music -, the podcast "Conso le dise!"

»Offers short programs of a few minutes to provide information on your rights.

The opportunity to learn more about the role of the European Union and to highlight it.

Because even if we are not aware of it, three quarters of consumer rights in France come from European directives or regulations.


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