Egypt: a new draft law to defend the Arabic language considered in Parliament

The Egyptian Parliament in Cairo AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS

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The Egyptian Parliament is considering a bill aimed at defending the Arabic language against "the invasion of foreign pains".

According to the bill, not using Arabic will become an offense leading to closure, suspension and a fine. 


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With our correspondent in Cairo


Alexandre Buccianti 

The priority target of the bill is the audiovisual sector.

Radios and televisions are required to use literary Arabic at all times, even in debates and including from guests.

A difficult condition to meet.

Spoken Arabic is very far from literary Arabic, whose grammar has not changed for 14 centuries since it is the language of the Koran.

The other target is education and more specifically international schools which train students to pass foreign baccalaureate: American, English and French.

Students who will continue their studies abroad or in American, English, French, German or Canadian universities in Egypt.

These schools will be required by law to teach an Arabic program equivalent to the Egyptian baccalaureate.

Companies, shops and places of leisure will also have to Arabize their name.

Note that since 1908 ten laws to defend the Arabic language have been adopted.

Will the eleventh be the right one? 


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