Chinanews, Chongqing, December 4th, title: Chongqing Wuxi: A pair of old cloth shoes "out of" the rural revitalization road

  Author Peng Guowei Yang Haitao

  "I'm handmade cloth shoes from the source factory. Buying a pair is also at wholesale price. You have to place an order." Under the spotlight, in the live broadcast room of Chongqing Hehang Shoes Co., Ltd., a female anchor is enthusiastically promoting to netizens. "Wuxi cloth shoes" produced locally.

  "It started broadcasting for more than two hours today, and it has already sold 6,035 yuan." The computer screen on the side beats real-time sales data rhythmically. The on-site staff told reporters, "It is not the peak of sales. Sell ​​for around 90,000 yuan."

  He Caiming, general manager of He Hang Shoe Industry, introduced that he used to work in other places. In 2003, he returned to his hometown to start a business and returned to his hometown in Wuxi County. Starting from a "mom-and-pop shop", the company now has annual sales of more than 10 million yuan.

"In the past two years, the company has transformed in a timely manner, and simultaneously explored the'online + offline' sales model. At present, e-commerce sales account for one-third of the entire company."

  Mei Rong, the deputy mayor of Wenfeng Town, Wuxi County, Chongqing, came here to take office as the "full moon", and became a guide at the scene.

"'The road to Shu is difficult, it is difficult to go to the blue sky'. Because of the special geographical environment of Wuxi in the southern foot of Daba Mountain, the local people have always had the habit of wearing'old cloth shoes' for the convenience of travel. Over time, they have adopted the'melancholy bottom'. Embroidering'flower insoles' and making'easy shoes' has become a folk skill that has been handed down to this day." He told reporters that "Wuxi cloth shoes" have been favored in the market over the years. In addition to their long history, they are mainly benefited from The "good quality and low price" of the product.

  How to realize "Wumart"?

  Walking into a product showcase of He Hang Shoe Industry, the dazzling array of cloth shoes is dazzling.

"This is the latest product we launched this year. The soles are made of loofah." Picking up one of the shoes, He Caiming's voice increased a few degrees. Products are in short supply in the market."

  The ecological raw materials for this sole come from Limin Village, more than 10 kilometers away.

In the early winter, 23-year-old Li Guohua was planning land crop rotation in the garden.

"The scale of my cooperative is not very large. It is mainly engaged in planting and breeding industries, but it has achieved an ecological cycle." Li Guohua said that in 2018, he partnered with relatives and friends to set up the current planting and breeding base with a total of 13 acres. land.

This year, driven by the leading enterprise He Hang Shoe Industry in the town, the cooperative dedicated 10 acres of land to try out high-quality loofah. "The company provides seeds and technical guidance for free, and finally recycles it. We are only responsible for the land and labor. ."

  "He Hang Shoe Industry recycles according to the standard of 1.5 yuan per loofah. This year, the output value per mu is more than 2,000 yuan, and the output value per mu in sunny places has reached more than 3,000 yuan." Li Guohua said that at the beginning of planting, he lacks experience and the planting density is high. , Is not conducive to the growth of crops, otherwise the output will double.

  With a good momentum of development, the planting of loofah in the entire Limin Village has reached more than 30 mu.

"The loofah is sold, and the remaining part can be used to feed black pigs and Bama pigs." Just a few days ago, after harvesting the loofah, Li Guohua wanted to use the half-year gap to plant other vegetables quickly to ensure that there are live pigs in the pen. Green rations, "it is expected that the aquaculture industry will increase income by more than 200,000 yuan this year."

  How to achieve "low price"?

  Become rich and never forget the neighbors. Under the care of the Wenfeng Town Party Committee and Government, in recent years, He Hang Footwear has given full play to its role as a "leading goose". Relying on the interest connection model, it has achieved " "Wuxi Cloth Shoes" is not produced in the entire industrial chain of the township, and the related enterprises that have been incubated perform their duties to reduce the "exploitation" of the external intermediate links, so that the products have a great price advantage.

  "The sparrow is small, but it has all five internal organs." Under this model, He Hang Footwear is like a "central kitchen", and the supporting enterprises have become "rural revitalization production workshops", and the entire industry has achieved a "scale" in production. "Grab the market.

  In the Pioneer Park where migrant workers from Wenfeng Town, Wuxi County, just a few minutes' drive away from Hehang Shoes, all kinds of shops are neatly arranged on both sides of the road.

Amid the roar of the machine, two disc injection molding machines in a shoe sole processing factory were speeding up, and six or seven workers were guarding the machine, working relaxed and comfortable.

  "Now we can produce 5000 pairs of soles every day." On the morning of December 3, the owner Zou Yong woke up early in the morning, looking forward to the installation of a new piece of new equipment on the same day. Sole production volume."

  To increase investment, Zou Yong has full confidence.

"About 60% of the products in the workshop must be recycled by the'central kitchen' to ensure that the business is profitable without losing money." He explained, "I only leave about 40% of the products, which are used to open up foreign markets and achieve self-development and growth. "

  Almost the same cooperation model. In the park, the eight "Wuxi cloth shoes" supporting processing workshops of the "post-95" returning home entrepreneur Ke Shancai are lined up along the street, and the workers here are mainly engaged in shoe upper production.

"After the'unblocking' of Wuhan affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, I returned to my hometown from there and never went out again. There is an industry in the town, a future, and my heart really stays." Ke Shancai said, "Last year's turnover. There are about 1.7 million yuan. Everyone is pursuing small profits but quick turnover. Sometimes, the profit of wholesale a pair of finished shoes is only a few dimes."

  Wang Shixiang, a busy sewing worker in the workshop on the first floor of He Hang Shoe Industry, told reporters that the more than 80 workers who work here all year round are mostly left-behind women. When their husbands go to work, they stay at home to take care of the elderly and children.

"We rely on piecework to receive remuneration. We work more and earn less. Work and care are not delayed at all. I received 3,689 yuan salary last month." The most happy thing is that the company is equipped with a warm "workshop "Multi-function room", everyone's children can come here to do their homework after school in the afternoon, and there is a retired teacher who tutors and learns for free on site.

  Under the mask, looking at the workers' smiling and squinted eyes can make people instantly understand the happy lives of these left-behind women.