China News Service, Wuhan, December 1 (Wu Yili Wang Pin) The 30th China Food Expo and China (Wuhan) International Food Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Food Expo") will open in Wuhan on the 3rd.

The reporter learned from Wuhan Agricultural Group on the 1st that since the establishment of the Food Expo in 1995, it has attracted more than 10,000 food companies above the designated size across the country, with a cumulative turnover of 155.7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below); cumulative investment promotion 71.3 billion yuan.

  For more than 20 years, the Food Expo has promoted the leap-forward development of the food industry in Hubei Province.

In 2007, the main business income of food enterprises above designated size in Hubei Province was 83 billion yuan; in 2017, it exceeded 845 billion yuan, an increase of 10 times, making Hubei Province's food industry rank among the top three in the country.

  This year's Food Expo, there will be 1053 companies from all over the country participating in the Expo.

Among the exhibiting companies, there are 2 companies whose main business income exceeds 100 billion yuan, 16 companies with more than 10 billion yuan, 11 companies with more than 5 billion yuan, and 275 companies with more than 100 million yuan.

  In addition, a group of brother provinces (regions) such as Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangdong, Fujian, Liaoning, and Guangxi will organize more than 10,000 kinds of famous, high-quality and special products to participate in the Food Expo.

  The reporter learned that the food industry's "three-product" exhibition of increased varieties, improved quality, and brand creation is a highlight of this year's Food Expo.

Through enterprise declarations, recommendations from the provincial industry and information departments, and expert reviews, the Food Expo Organizing Committee identified 157 typical results from 855 companies across the country to participate in the offline exhibition of the Food Expo, and 607 participating in the online exhibition of the Food Expo.

  According to reports, the main business income of selected enterprises from the "Three Products" exhibited in this food expo reached 970 billion yuan, central enterprises exceeded 800 billion yuan, the main business income of enterprises organized by various regions reached 300 billion yuan, and the main business income of participating enterprises in Hubei Province was 2000. 100 million yuan, a total of 2.07 trillion yuan, accounting for 26.5% of the main business income of food companies above designated size in 2020.

  At this year’s Food Expo, 102 Jingchu premium products were collectively unveiled. Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce and Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce will organize super e-commerce platforms such as Tmall,, Pinduoduo, Meituan, and supermarkets and e-commerce companies across the province. , Distributors, agents visit, select products, negotiate purchases.