When using OTT, an online video service, many people use it together to reduce the burden of subscription fees. Even an app that allows sharing with strangers has appeared, but OTT companies have raised concerns that it is a violation of the non-resale agreement.

Correspondent Kim Ki-tae.

<Reporter> This is

a subscription-sharing brokerage service app.

It says that you can use Wave for 13,900 won at 4,750 won and Netflix Premium for 17,000 won at 5,500 won.

You can subscribe to OTT as well as shopping and games at low prices.

4 people share one subscription account and pay only a quarter of the fee Prepare the devices.

OTTs are competing to release original content that is only available to subscribers, and Netflix has recently increased its prices significantly, making it popular with people who feel burdened with subscription fees.

One subscription broker reported that the number of subscribers surged 400% since the launch of Disney+.

The problem is that sharing your account with these other people violates the terms and conditions that forbid resale.

[Attorney Jinwook Kim / Law Firm Joo Won: I think that there is a possibility that we may be liable for monetary compensation, such as a penalty, in civil terms, rather than stopping the service or using sanctions in the future.]

However, Netflix did not disclose its sanctions policy while nailing it as "sharing accounts with others who are not family members is a violation of the terms and conditions", and domestic OTTs are also "watching" for fear of subscriber backlash.

The subscription broker explained that "account sharing is a consumer-created market" and "only provides a safeguard to prevent risks such as payment fraud."

(Video editing: Choi Hye-young, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)