Food maker Kewpie has announced that it will raise prices for products such as mayonnaise and dressings from March next year, saying that the price of cooking oil, which is the main ingredient, is rising.

According to the announcement, Kewpie will raise the prices of its main products such as mayonnaise and dressings for home use and tartar sauce from the shipment on March 1, next year.

For mayonnaise, 70% of the total, and for dressing, 60% of the total, the price increase is about 2% to 10%.

We will also raise the price of commercial mayonnaise, dressings, and sauces by approximately 2% to 15%.

Due to the rise in the price of cooking oil, which is the main raw material, against the backdrop of soaring transaction prices for soybeans and rapeseed, mayonnaise has increased in price following July, and dressing has been on for about 14 years since 2008. It means that it will be the first increase.

J-Oil Mills Price increase for some cooking oil products

In addition, J-Oil Mills, a major cooking oil company, announced that it will raise the price of some cooking oil products from the delivery on February 1, next year.

This is the fifth time that we have announced a price increase for both home and business use, with an increase of 40 yen or more per kilogram.

Demand for soybeans and rapeseed has increased against the backdrop of normalization of economic activities from the Corona disaster, while production has decreased due to bad weather in major production areas, and transaction prices have remained high, resulting in price increases for raw materials. Are one after another.