China News Service, Beijing, November 30. With the blessing and empowerment of the ever-changing digital technology, China's traditional culture is riding on the east wind of "Internet +" and is constantly radiating new vitality.

Digital technology helps traditional culture repeatedly break the circle

  As a big country with a long history, China has many extensive and profound excellent traditional cultures.

With the development of the times and society, how traditional culture can win the favor of young people as "Internet natives" is a topic that needs continuous exploration.

  It is necessary to vigorously promote excellent traditional culture and let the cultural relics collected in the museum and the heritage displayed on the vast land "live". In this process, digital technology is and will continue to play a key role.

  The continuous development of digital technologies such as AR, VR, 5G, and webcast has greatly enriched the contemporary expression and artistic presentation of excellent traditional culture. This has also opened up new ways for the protection, dissemination, transformation, and innovation of excellent traditional culture. space.

  New technologies, forms, and methods have allowed excellent traditional culture to break the stereotype and become more accessible, audible and sensible, triggering strong emotional resonance among Chinese people, especially young people, and digital cultural products that have broken the circle effect. Emerge.

  Especially nowadays, many museums use VR, 3D and other high-tech means to create realistic, real-time, three-dimensional virtual scenes, allowing people to experience "cloud travel" historical and cultural scenes in fresh and interesting forms, such as "digital palace" and "cloud travel". "Dunhuang" and other immersive experiences make the cultural life of ordinary people more fashionable.

  Traditional culture and modern technology complement each other, and the retro style is perfectly integrated with the sense of science and technology. Traditional culture is becoming more "tide" and "sad".

Innovative traditional cultural communication mode in webcasting

  Currently, Internet live broadcasting is in full swing. According to the 48th "Statistical Report on Internet Development in China" released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of June 2021, the number of online live broadcasting users in my country has reached 638 million, accounting for the total number of Internet users. Of 63.1%.

  The live webcast breaks through the limitations of region and time and space, and greatly expands the boundaries of traditional cultural dissemination.

Take Chinese chess as an example. In the recent YY live broadcast of the 2nd National Chess Players Challenge, special chess masters Tao Hanming, Lu Weitao, and Shen Peng led the game and played against folk chess players in the cloud.

During the one-month event, nearly 5,000 exciting games were created.

In the 11-day live broadcast from the promotion tournament, there were nearly 5 million online onlookers of chess masters "Fighting Fairy".

  During the game, netizens left messages on the live broadcast screen, "I don't understand, but were shocked", "Watching the live broadcast, learning culture, ignorance-1, cultural confidence +1", etc., expressing their true feelings about the chess culture.

In addition, content such as "Cultural Confidence" and "Promoting National Essence" has been screened many times in the live broadcast room.

  Chinese chess master Lu Weitao said that chess is a cultural treasure of the Chinese nation and a national intangible cultural heritage.

The future development of live broadcast of chess has played a very good role. Internet technology has broken the boundaries of time and space, allowing chess to spread more widely and far.

Nowadays, more and more cloud games and live events have also put forward new requirements for professional chess players. We must constantly improve ourselves to better shoulder the responsibility of the spreader of chess culture.

  Chinese chess master Tao Hanming also said that through this YY live broadcast of the second national chess player challenge, he has seen the strength of folk chess players, the vigor and vitality of the younger generation, and a bright future for the inheritance and spread of chess culture.

  Webcasting is constantly enriching and innovating the traditional cultural dissemination mode, allowing traditional culture and art to gain a greater stage for display.

For example, in 2019, YY Live launched the "Meeting Intangible Heritage" column. Intangible cultural heritage craftsmen and netizens walked into the intangible cultural heritage together to appreciate the beauty of intangible cultural heritage. "Innovative model to support the employment increase of Xiu Niang in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province, and vividly demonstrate the cultural characteristics of the Miao ethnic group and the intangible heritage batik skills through live broadcast.

  As more and more cultural treasures hidden in "deep boudoirs" are put on the screen, moved into the live broadcast room, and walked into the lives of more and more people, webcast is helping traditional culture to "live".