Beijing will further enrich convenient outlets such as cafes, pharmacies, and convenience stores

There will be 330 convenience stores per million people

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Li Jia) Yesterday, Yan Ligang, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, revealed in his guest "Special Program for "Citizen Dialogue Leader" in Beijing International Consumer Center City" that on the basis of continuing to build eight basic convenient commercial outlets, The city will further enrich the supply of convenient commercial facilities such as cafes and pharmacies, and strive to have more than 330 convenience stores per million people.

  It is understood that in the first three quarters of this year, Beijing accurately rebuilt and upgraded 567 basic convenient commercial outlets.

Up to now, the city has about 90,000 basic convenience commercial outlets in eight categories, including vegetable retail, convenience stores, breakfast, and housekeeping, among which about 63,000 are active merchants. Through online and offline integration, the city’s community has basically achieved full coverage of convenient commercial services. .

Among them, the number of chain convenience stores (community supermarkets) in Beijing reached 310 per million people, 282 per million people last year, an increase of nearly 10%.

According to Yan Ligang, on the basis of continuing to build eight basic convenient commercial outlets with precision, the city will further enrich the supply of convenient commercial facilities such as cafes and pharmacies, and strive to have more than 330 convenience stores per million people.

  In the next step, Beijing will continue to consolidate the achievement of full coverage of urban communities with basic convenience business service functions, refer to the big data analysis of the dynamic map of the life service industry outlets, guide the implementation of precise supplementary construction in various districts, and further optimize the layout of outlets, and guide brand chain enterprises to facilitate the rural residents. Commercial efforts are made to empower rural convenient commercial networks, and gradually increase the density and quality of convenient commercial networks in rural areas, so that more residents can enjoy convenient and high-quality commercial services.

  When talking about what achievements and changes Beijing has made in cultivating and building an international consumption center city, Yan Ligang said that the city has fully promoted the implementation of 173 tasks by adopting measures such as inventory management.

18 traditional business districts including Wangfujing and 16 pilot enterprises of “one store, one policy” including Chang'an Department Store have basically completed their upgrading and transformation.

Chaoyang and Dongcheng districts have launched pilot projects for new consumer brand incubation bases. Six pilot bases including Langyuan Station and Hongqiao Market are incubating 54 brands.

  According to reports, the city has thoroughly explored the driving effect of 111 key projects. 23 of the 31 projects to be completed in 2021 have been completed. Among them, the Universal Theme Park opened on September 20, and the number of visitors in a single day during the National Day holiday this year exceeded 2.5. 10,000 person-times, driving the growth of Beijing's foreign consumption by over 15%.

In the next step, it will accelerate the promotion of the Shougang Park Liugonghui complex, the reconstruction and reconstruction of Beijing Workers Stadium, the second and third phases of the New International Exhibition, Wangfujing Port and duty-free shops in the city, the super large international consumer hub of Daxing International Airport and the airport economic zone The construction of landmark projects such as the International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  In addition, 72 innovation policies have been issued and 53 have been issued.

Among the 13 special policies to be issued in the business field, six policies have been issued, including the first brand store, the development of the headquarters enterprise, and the promotion of the development of the business district.

Urban linkage further enhanced the brand influence of the 21 themed events of the "2021 Beijing Consumption Season".

Accumulatively carried out more than 3,000 business, travel, cultural and sports activities such as the "First Launch Festival".

As of November 14, the sales of key monitored companies increased by 12.6% compared to the same period in 2019, and passenger traffic in 52 key business districts in the city increased by 17.5% year-on-year.

The above work has accelerated the recovery of the city's consumer market. From January to October, the city's total consumption, total retail sales, and service consumption increased by 15.5%, 13.1%, and 17.6% respectively year-on-year, basically returning to pre-epidemic levels.