The superposition of multiple factors has caused the quantity of Chinese medicinal materials to be small and high prices-

Will the price increase of medicinal materials spread to the end market?

  Our reporter Chen Faming

  Since the beginning of this year, the prices of Chinese medicinal materials have shown a general upward trend, and they have risen sharply recently.

How to treat this round of price increase of Chinese medicinal materials?

Will the increase in the price of medicinal materials be transmitted to the end-pharmaceutical market?

  Anguo City, Hebei is the largest Chinese medicinal material distribution center and Chinese medicinal material export base in northern my country.

According to data published on the China Anguo Chinese Medicinal Material Index website, in the first three quarters of this year, the Hebei Anguo Chinese Medicinal Material Price Index continued to rise, with various types of medicinal material indexes rising more and less.

Since the beginning of October, except for the price index of minerals, resins, and vegetable skin Chinese medicinal materials, the price indices of other categories of Chinese medicinal materials have increased to varying degrees.

Among them, the price index of whole herb Chinese medicinal materials closed at 141.05 points at the end of October, up 6.48% from the price index at the beginning of the month.

Lobelia, Eclipta prostrata, and Perrin have been affected by the low output of new products this year. Recently, the supply of goods has been selling smoothly, and the market has continued to rise. The monthly price index of the three medicinal materials has increased by more than 50%.

  Liu Shun, general manager of Hebei Hancaotang Ginseng Sales Co., Ltd., told reporters, “Due to the impact of this year’s climate, the production of raw materials has been reduced in various places, and the prices of most Chinese medicinal materials have been rising. A few yuan rose to more than 50 yuan; the jujube seed produced in Zanhuang, Hebei also rose from less than 200 yuan per kilogram to about 500 yuan. According to our company's operating conditions, the overall cost of raw materials has risen by about 75%, which is a large increase." Factors such as this have caused a reduction in the production of raw materials for Chinese medicinal materials this year, and low production of raw materials that meet medicinal standards, which has led to higher prices.

  With the implementation of the new version of the Pharmacopoeia, the quality standards of Chinese medicinal materials have been further improved, and the market supply is also facing an adaptation period.

"In order to standardize the quality standards of Chinese herbal medicines and decoction pieces, after the implementation of the Pharmacopoeia Commission's "33 Banned Pesticides" this year, industry standards have been improved, and the costs of manpower, production, processing, and testing have also increased accordingly." Hebei, a major Chinese herbal medicine decoction piece Wang Yi, general manager of Yaoxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., told reporters that they commissioned a third-party testing agency to carry out pesticide residue testing. Since the beginning of this year, the testing cost alone has reached 400,000 yuan.

  "On the whole, the price increase of Chinese medicinal materials is caused by the superposition of many factors." Liu Yuejie, vice president of the Anguo Chinese Medicine Association, believes that the first is affected by the planting area of ​​Chinese medicinal materials.

Due to the high risk of planting medicinal materials, high technical requirements, and low enthusiasm of growers, the area of ​​Chinese medicinal materials planted across the country has generally declined and shrunk; secondly, the market inventory of Chinese medicinal materials has decreased, and external factors such as demand, climate, disasters, and epidemics have been superimposed. This leads to price fluctuations; again, the market cyclicality is also driving price fluctuations. The Chinese medicinal material market generally has a cycle of 5 years and a cycle of 10 years, and it is now in a high-rise phase.

  Will the Chinese medicinal material market heat up, and will it be transmitted to the pharmaceutical terminal market?

Shen Jianshu, deputy director of the Market Supervision Bureau of Anguo City, believes that price transmission requires a certain process, and the pharmaceutical terminal market has a certain lag, which seems to have little effect at present.

  The increase in the price of medicinal materials means that the income of growers will rise, which will increase planting intentions.

“If you plant medicinal materials this year to make money, you will blindly expand the scale of planting in the coming year, and produce disorderly and non-standard production. The medicinal materials planted do not meet the standards and no one wants them. The growers are the ones who suffer in the end.” Liu Yuejie reminded to avoid blindly following the trend and expanding Chinese medicine. The planting area of ​​materials, scientifically guide the healthy development of the Chinese medicinal materials industry, and gradually form a localized, standardized, standardized, and intelligent integrated management system.