China News Service, Lhasa, November 28 (Reporter Zhao Lang) "Compared with before, the waiting time of three or four hours has been reduced to more than 20 minutes, and this time I transferred my driver's license from Qamdo to Lhasa, and the procedures have been reduced a lot. "Tenzin Wanga from Dingqing County, Nagqu City is in the service hall to renew his driver's license and handle the transfer-in business.

  On the other side of the service hall, in front of the self-service machine, the assistant policeman Zaga is guiding and helping the people to handle business. He said: “Most businesses can be handled on the machine, and the self-service machine can guide more than 100 people to handle business every day. "

  Recently, reporters went to the Vehicle Management Office of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Lhasa City to visit and understand the implementation of the reform of "delegation, control, and service" convenience.

In the service hall, the reporter saw that the business was diverted in an orderly manner.

  According to Xu Yuying, the chief officer of the fourth-level police technology of the vehicle management station, there are currently 7 county-level vehicle management offices in Lhasa, which comprehensively promote the orderly handling of the basic business of vehicle driving management in all counties and districts, and there are 14 motor vehicles. Service stations, the service radius has been effectively extended, a total of 10 motor vehicle inspection stations are used, and there are 6 motor vehicle driver test rooms, which further optimizes vehicle inspection and driving test services.

  Fully implement the optimization of vehicle inspection procedures, comprehensively implement the "one-certificate test" and sub-subject examinations, fully implement insurance network verification, facilitate online and offline traffic management services for the elderly, facilitate veterans to renew their driving licenses, and online verification of motor vehicle mortgage information Other 13 "decentralization, management, and service" convenience reform measures have been implemented simultaneously with the whole country.

  In August 2019, Lhasa officially completed the reform of driving test for motor vehicle drivers, fully implemented electronic evaluation, and comprehensively strengthened Lhasa's driving test supervision capabilities, becoming the first prefecture in Tibet to complete the driving test reform.

According to statistics.

At present, the daily average number of test subjects for motor vehicle drivers in Lhasa is more than 1,200, and the shortest driving test period is about 21 days.

  8 business self-service kiosks and 2 self-service cameras are installed in the service hall of the vehicle management office. The self-service quick service of personalized service is actively promoted. The public does not need to wait in line, which effectively diverts the window business and reduces the waiting time in the line.

  Xu Yuying said that in order to keep people away from the road, the vehicle management system relied on the 12123 national unified platform for traffic management. In November 2018, an online business processing center was established to fully implement the "online and handheld management" of the car driving management business. The basic business of car driving management, such as appointment of driver's test, selection of motor vehicle number, replacement of driver's license, etc., is handled online.

  Since January 1, 2020, a total of more than 80,000 Internet services have been processed for car driving management services, which has truly realized the "zero distance" of public security traffic management services, especially during the epidemic period, which played a good role in social services.

  The vehicle management agency has also actively opened a priority service window for senior citizens, opened up a green channel for senior citizens over 60, and further optimized the window services for senior citizens. Up to now, it has given priority to handling more than 700 services for senior citizens.

  Xu Yuying said that in the next step, the vehicle management agency will conduct multi-party investigations, combined with the situation in Lhasa, steadily promote the motor vehicle mortgage service station with banks as the main business unit, extend the business processing radius, and review the business authority in a scientific and reasonable manner. Class-level vehicle management offices and registration service stations have steadily delegated the relevant basic authority, so that the public can handle it at their nearest location.