When NHK interviewed a major domestic company about the strengthening of border measures over the new mutant virus "Omicron strain" confirmed in South Africa, it calmly accepts that "the impact on business is limited". However, there are many.

Of these, the Sony Group said, "In principle, overseas business trips have been banned since February last year, and the response will not change." Toshiba also said, "Since March last year, overseas business trips have been banned in principle and the response has not been relaxed. There is no particular change even if we receive the policy of. "

In addition, Mitsubishi Corporation said, "Although the impact on the business is limited, we will scrutinize information on mutant strains and consider measures to put the safety of local employees first." We are doing it online, and we are also using it online. The impact on our business is limited. "

Toyota Motor said, "Nothing has been decided yet, but I would like to pay close attention to the situation for employees who are planning to move overseas in the future," and Honda said, "The handling of overseas business trips will be a little after the cancellation of the state of emergency. Although it was eased, I rarely go on business trips due to isolation etc. I do not yet know what to do when returning from overseas and restrictions on departure, so I would like to consider measures in the future. " ..

In addition, Idemitsu Kosan said, "Since the local medical situation is different, we will continue to cooperate with overseas offices from the beginning of this month to implement measures against infectious diseases according to the situation of each country and prioritize the safety of expatriates and their families. We are continuing to respond. "

Japan Tourism Agency

In response to the suspension of new entry of foreigners from the 30th, the Japan Tourism Agency will monitor the participation of foreigners by the end of the year in order to verify the issues for resuming acceptance of foreign tourists. It means that the implementation of the tour business will be postponed for the time being.