Will promote and improve the legal system in the field of e-commerce

The Finance and Economics Committee of the National People's Congress:

  With the continuous innovation of the Internet economy model, the development of platform economy, e-commerce live broadcast and other new formats, the supervision of the e-commerce industry is facing new challenges.

The reporter recently learned from the Finance and Economics Committee of the National People’s Congress that the committee will pay close attention to the development of the Internet economy, carefully study and absorb the specific opinions and suggestions put forward by relevant representatives in related legislation and supervision work, promote the resolution of the problems raised in the bill, and strengthen research on amendments to the law. Continuously improve and improve the legal system in the field of e-commerce.

  During the Fourth Session of the 13th National People's Congress this year, many representatives put forward proposals, believing that the legal responsibilities of relevant entities such as online platforms, commodity operators and webcasters need to be clarified, and suggested that the relevant legal provisions of the E-commerce Law should be revised.

  The Finance and Economics Committee conducted a serious study on the content of the bill with relevant departments, and believed that the issues and suggestions raised by the bill were highly targeted and operability, and provided an important reference for further research and revision of relevant laws and regulations.

  It is understood that in April this year, seven departments including the Ministry of Commerce, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "Administrative Measures for Webcast Marketing (Trial)". According to the concept of comprehensive coverage and classified supervision, various types of live broadcast e-commerce will participate The main body, online and offline elements are included in the scope of supervision.

Corresponding provisions have also been made for the relevant proposals for clarifying the e-commerce platform, the nature of the relevant entities of the operator, and the boundary of responsibility proposed in the bill.