Asterix could become the new star.

At least in many libraries in Bavaria.

"We are really looking forward to when the new Asterix Tonie figure arrives in December," says Stefanie Schregle, who supplies more than 1000 public libraries in Bavaria with new publications for the Michaelsbund.

And the Tonies are right at the top of many customers' wish lists.

“The innovations are always eagerly awaited,” says Schregle.

In November it was "Frozen 2", now Asterix.

“Working with Tonies is great, as is the entire customer service,” says Schregle.

"The Tonies are the new CD."

Daniel Mohr

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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That was exactly the idea that Marcus Stahl and Patric Faßbender had eight years ago: playback devices such as CD players or MP3s are not exactly suitable for small children. So the two fathers of the family came up with something else: a robust, soft-sheathed, handy box on which the playing figures can be placed. They contain an NFC chip through which the box knows which content needs to be played. When the figure is on the box, the radio play begins. “The magic of this moment, when the figure of my hero is placed on the box, is unbeatably enchanting,” says Faßbender. Millions of parents in Germany can confirm this. Since Tonies launched the first Tonie boxes and figures on the market five years ago, more than two million boxes have been sold in Germany alone.A total of 25 million Tonie figures were sold. The triumphant advance in children's rooms has long continued in Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland and the United States, with France being added last.

This may surprise adults, who think that music and audio books are only streamed digitally, without their own medium and especially without a box with an edge length of 12 centimeters.

“The feel and the motor skills are incredibly important,” says Faßbender.

And so it is not uncommon for children to knock on the side of a CD player or put a stealthy figure on top, because they are used to these movements from the Toniebox.

Profit margin of more than 30 percent planned

How much money can be made with it becomes clear these days. From this Monday on, the name Tonies will be on the Frankfurt course slip under the identification number A3CM2W. A turnover of 172 million euros is planned for this year. By 2025, growth is expected to lead to sales of around 700 million euros, the profit margin on the home market to rise to more than 30 percent and to amount to 16 percent in the company as a whole. In the first few minutes of trading as tonies SE, the price shot up by more than 20 percent at times in early trading, later it was still 15 percent up.

Tonies are not cheap fun. A box costs around 80 euros, each figure 12 to 15 euros. If you want to load another episode of Benjamin Blümchen, for example, onto a figure, you pay 5 to 7 euros. In addition, there are now Steiff soft toys with a radio play chip intus or, in America, also educational Tonies made of wood. Here we work with National Geographic. The Düsseldorf company also earns money with accessories such as headphones or shelves for around 20 Tonie figures per child. All in all, the company is worth a billion euros to the stock exchange traders. Quite a lot for a young company that is currently not making a lot of money. But growth counts on the stock market, and the company has proven that it delivers since its founding days. And also that this works profitably on the German home market,while the market launch in new countries initially devours money.

Tonies has relied on global supply chains from the start.

Heart and mind are with 250 employees in Düsseldorf.

The company is controlled from here and decisions are made on the design of the characters and ideas for products.

Soon from new premises in a former print shop, because the previous backyard was too small for the rapidly growing company.

The computer chips for the Tonies come from India, the boxes from China, and the figures are made and hand-painted in Tunisia.

In order to have more security in the supply chains, second productions were set up in each case in Corona times, in Malaysia, Hungary and China.

The founders also promise high delivery capabilities for the Christmas business, which makes up almost half of annual sales.