Nanjing: Intelligent equipment "on-the-job" manufacturing industry doubles its vitality

  ◎Our reporter Zhang Ye and intern Gao Yingzhuo

  Fire-fighting robots, outdoor live working robots, multi-robot collaborative metal 3D printing... Recently, the reporter walked into a number of manufacturing enterprises in Jiangning and Yuhuatai districts of Nanjing to visit the "hard-core equipment" of intelligent manufacturing in Nanjing.

  From human-computer interaction to human-machine integration, from single-machine autonomy to multi-machine coordination, the increase in labor costs and the demand for automated operations by small and medium-sized enterprises have spawned various types of intelligent robots. Robots "made in Nanjing" are gradually entering the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. Enterprises can effectively reduce labor costs and ensure operational safety. They can also help enterprises improve production efficiency and allow "smart" to inject vitality into the manufacturing industry.

  Intelligent robots ensure safe operation

  Antelope D200 intelligent operation robot, Phoenix FG100 high-spray fire extinguishing robot, Jiaolong Z100 outdoor live working robot... In the exhibition hall of Yi Jiahe Technology Co., Ltd., several series of robots are "handsome" displayed to meet the requirements of different scenarios. Peacekeeping inspection requirements.

  Yi Jiahe Technology Co., Ltd. Secretary of the Board of Directors Zhang Jinbo introduced that the Antelope D200 intelligent operation robot is the company's major product released this year, which can independently operate in complex emergency environments and operate stably.

This robot itself has intelligent operation and autonomous inspection functions, superior environmental adaptability, innovative modular design and other advantages. It can perform standardized operations, emergency operations and inspection tasks, and is widely used in rail transit, power grids, petrochemicals Various industry operation scenarios.

  The particularity of outdoor live working tasks poses a great threat to the life and safety of transportation and inspection personnel.

In Yi Jiahe, the application of Jiaolong Z100 outdoor live working robot can greatly protect the personal safety of operators and improve the efficiency and accuracy of operations.

"It can replace people to complete the maintenance and repair of high-altitude lines, through modular software switching, automatically adjust operating strategies, grasp and replace different tools with robotic arms, and complete a variety of complex tasks." Zhang Jinbo, secretary of the company's board of directors, introduced.

Not only that, it can replace firefighting and rescue personnel to enter flammable, explosive, toxic, oxygen-deficient, dense smoke and other scenes. It can provide timely and reliable fire scene information and provide a safety barrier for frontline firefighters.

  Arc additive manufacturing helps metal 3D printing new achievements

  Additive manufacturing is what people often call 3D printing.

In recent years, in order to respond to the demand for additive manufacturing of large-scale and integrated aerospace structural parts, low-cost and high-efficiency arc additive manufacturing technologies developed based on surfacing technology have received widespread attention.

  Hard titanium alloy workpieces, artistic sculptures... In the exhibition hall of Nanjing Inigma Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd., various metal 3D printed products are eye-opening.

  Walking into the workshop, the manipulators are busy in several tall machines. This is the 3D printing equipment independently developed by Inigma.

Most printers like this use a machine tool or robot structure, which can rotate and flip the printed workpiece. At the same time, multiple robots can collaborate to print large-sized and complex-structured metal components.

  "At present, the company's main arc additive manufacturing technology is an advanced digital manufacturing technology. The arc generated by the welding machine is used as the heat source, through the addition of wires, and under the control of the software program, according to the three-dimensional digital model, —-Face-body, gradually forming metal parts.” The company’s assistant general manager Chi Kemeng said that this technology has become the fastest growing direction for large-size, high-efficiency, and low-cost 3D printing technology, and it will also be the most advanced in the industrial field in the future. 3D printing technology that may be applied on a large scale.

  The reporter learned that a small-scale arc additive manufacturing integrated system customized for the education and scientific research industry will be unveiled at this year's World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference.

"Although the system is relatively small, it can still print devices up to 1 meter in length. At the same time, it has multiple functions such as molten pool monitoring, path simulation, etc., which is suitable for teaching environments. It helps students get started quickly and establish a sense of new technology. , To promote the cultivation of industry-related talents." Chi Kemeng said.

  Since the first World Smart Manufacturing Conference was held in 2016, Nanjing has insisted on taking smart manufacturing as an important tool to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing, fully implementing national and provincial strategic deployments, combining the actual development of local manufacturing, and focusing on the key to industrial development. In the link, strengthen the demonstration, guidance and promotion of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Nanjing has issued the No. 1 Document of the Municipal Party Committee for 4 consecutive years to promote the construction of an innovative city and create a first-class innovation ecosystem. It has successively formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of a Famous City of Intelligent Manufacturing in Nanjing", "Nanjing City's Three-year Action Plan for Accelerating Industrial Internet Innovation and Development", and "Nanjing City Digital A series of policy documents such as the Three-year Action Plan for Economic Development.

Nanjing is drawing a blueprint for the development of intelligent manufacturing, and strives to promote the transformation of "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".