Let more "little giants" prop up "big innovation" (People's Times Review)

  Not long ago, the 2020 National Science and Technology Award winners list was announced. Among the 264 science and technology projects, 13 specializing and new "little giant" companies participated in the application for the awards, accounting for the total number of national science and technology awards that companies participated in. 10.2% of the total.

These "little giant" companies have proved with practical actions that small and medium-sized enterprises can also support "big innovation."

  General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, emphasizing that “small and medium-sized enterprises can do great things”, pointing out that “small and medium-sized enterprises in our country have the aura and vitality, are good at facing difficulties, and are constantly striving for self-improvement.” Enterprise" has pointed out the direction for the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises have small size, high operating costs, and weak anti-risk capabilities. Why do they have to innovate independently and change from following to running or even leading?

This is because practice has repeatedly told us that, no matter whether we are coordinating transformation with leading companies or expanding our own business fields, innovation is always the "root" of the development and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Only by firmly controlling key technologies and core equipment can we be Stand tall in market competition.

From a more macro perspective, the current external instability and uncertainty of my country’s economic development are increasing. Scientific and technological innovation is not only a development issue, but also a survival issue. Only by practicing internal skills and strengthening innovation can we accumulate strong energy. Rush and withstand when it is critical.

  To transform the spirit of small and medium-sized enterprises into the confidence of independent innovation, it is necessary to better promote the in-depth integration of industry, university and research.

Looking at the list of award-winning "little giants" companies, whether they are born out of scientific research institutes or introduce intellectual resources from universities, many companies have taken the lead in the integration of production, education and research, and have taken a sonorous step in innovation and development.

It should be noted that small and medium-sized enterprises generally have relatively insufficient funds and weak research and development capabilities, and are closely integrated with the scientific research capabilities of universities and institutes. They can not only track cutting-edge technologies in time, but also help promote the rapid industrialization of scientific research results.

From a long-term perspective, in the process of technology docking and transformation, it will also cultivate more technical talents for enterprises and strengthen the viable force for innovation and development.

It should be noted that in the current process of industry-university-research integration, there is to a certain extent the dilemma that resources are "not found" and results are "not well used".

This requires government departments to build a platform to connect the technological needs of enterprises with the research results of scientific research institutes, and it also requires enterprises to strengthen their own R&D capabilities to better undertake the scientific research results of universities.

  To cultivate strong innovative strength, small and medium-sized enterprises must have the determination and ambition to "grind a sword in ten years".

The road of independent innovation is often accompanied by loneliness and hardship that ordinary people can't bear.

Breaking through the technological blockade and achieving autonomous control requires long-term stable high investment.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, this means overcoming the difficulties of financing expensive financing, rising raw material prices, and insufficient orders, and continuing to invest, face difficulties, and step up to a new level of development while accumulating.

At present, more than 60% of my country’s "little giant" enterprises belong to the field of industrial infrastructure, and more than 70% have been deeply involved in the industry for more than 10 years, with an average R&D intensity of more than 7%. Each high-quality SME is constantly striving for self-improvement and courage on the road of independent innovation. To grow into a technological "pioneer" capable of fighting tough battles and a viable force to stabilize and strengthen the chain has become an important support for the construction of a new development pattern.

  Vigorous small and medium-sized enterprises are an important guarantee for my country's economic resilience.

Only when the roots of innovation are deepened can the big trees for the development of SMEs flourish.

Based on the new stage of development, as an important force in the close integration of technology and economy, small and medium-sized enterprises should have a long-term layout, stand up to the forefront, attach importance to the cultivation of innovative capabilities, and strive to be specialized and innovative.

From an external point of view, we must also create a good business environment, promote the concentration of innovative elements to enterprises, and cultivate and support more "specialized, special new" with great aspirations, capable of large-scale innovation, supporting large-scale supporting facilities, and accomplishing large-scale undertakings. Small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to achieve the high-quality development of China's economy, have gathered great potential and a steady stream of innovation.

  Han Xin