China News Service, Hohhot, November 28 (Reporter Li Aiping) A reporter learned at the 11th Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the Communist Party of China on the 28th that Inner Mongolia will continue to increase ecosystem protection in the next five years. "No one is missing" such as Mother River are all within the scope of protection.

  Official sources show that in the next five years, Inner Mongolia will continue to take the protection of grasslands and forests as the primary task, strictly implement the forest (grass) growth system, strictly implement basic grassland protection and grass-livestock balance, grazing prohibition and rest grazing systems, and strictly prohibit the use of grasslands on grasslands. Indiscriminate mining, new open-pit mines, and all kinds of illegal occupation of grassland and woodland are severely cracked down.

  In the next five years, Inner Mongolia will continue to put the protection of the Mother River in a prominent position, promote the rectification of environmental problems, deep water conservation and control, ecological protection and restoration in an integrated manner, and strive to improve the ecological appearance of the basin.

  It is worth mentioning that in the next five years, Inner Mongolia will strengthen the long-term system of rivers and lakes, systematically promote the ecological protection and management of key rivers, lakes, wetlands, water bodies, and watersheds, and deepen the comprehensive management of "one lake, two seas" and Chahannur, etc. Grasp the control of groundwater over-exploitation, and make overall plans for water ecological restoration, water environment management, water resource conservation, and water safety guarantee.

  In terms of desert control, Inner Mongolia will scientifically advance the prevention and control of land desertification and desertification in the next five years, and strive to create more "green miracles" for preventing and stopping desertification.