◎He Xinghui, our reporter

  As a private enterprise located in the southwest corner, how can Guizhou Aerospace Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. become a world-class supplier of aviation components?

  A few days ago, in an interview with a reporter from the Science and Technology Daily, Liu Chaohui, the company’s deputy general manager, stated the "secret": Relying on "big data + intelligent manufacturing", the company’s aero engine forgings are consistent in performance and quality, stable, and stable. Traceability and other aspects are "stretched".

  In 2017, taking advantage of the development of big data in Guiyang, Guizhou Aerospace Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Northwestern Polytechnical University built an aviation digital smart factory.

  "In China, Aerospace Technology takes the lead in realizing the intelligent and digital control of the entire process of forging aviation products." Liu Chaohui said.

In the past, the temperature of the production furnace was uncontrollable, and real-time monitoring and early warning were not possible. If the heating furnace fails, it is easy to cause problems such as scrap forgings and waste of raw materials.

Now, with big data empowerment, the numerical control rate of key equipment of Guizhou Aerospace Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. can reach 98%, the production efficiency has increased by more than 55%, the material utilization rate has increased by 30%, and the product quality qualification rate has increased from 88% to 99%. %.

  In just a few years, Guizhou Aerospace Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. took the lead in Guizhou to achieve zero breakthroughs for listed companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. It is the main supplier of well-known companies such as Luo Company, German MTU Aero Engine Company, French Safran Company, and French Slycma Company.

  In fact, Guizhou Aerospace Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is just a microcosm of the development of new industrialization in Guiyang.

As the core area of ​​the country’s first comprehensive test zone for big data, Guiyang uses “big data+” as a “breakthrough” for traditional industrial development, vigorously promotes the deep integration of big data and the real economy, and accelerates the conversion of new and old kinetic energy to make it a “strong The “Provincial Capital” is a powerful starting point for the five-year action.

  At present, open innovation platforms such as Guiyang High-tech Zone and Guiyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, as well as key districts and counties such as Nanming District, Yunyan District, Baiyun District, and Xiuwen County of Guiyang, are making efforts to "big data + talents" and "big data + industry". Tightly grasp the key areas and key links of the new industrialization, and promote industrial development and breakthroughs.

In the aspect of "the integration of thousands of enterprises", a number of intelligent and digital transformation projects have emerged to promote the deeper and higher level of integration and development of big data and the manufacturing industry; in the aspect of "the transformation of thousands of enterprises", various innovations such as big data and talents Accelerating the concentration of factors in enterprises has improved the level of green development of Guiyang's industry.

  It is reported that by 2025, the main indicators of Guiyang's industrial economy are expected to more than double, and three 100 billion-level and four 50-billion-level development zones will be built, forming the core area of ​​the "China Data Valley" electronic information industry development, and building the western region An influential mid-to-high-end manufacturing city, to build a world-class phosphorous chemical industry base, an important advanced equipment manufacturing and application base in the western region, and an influential aluminum deep processing base in the western region.