Mr. Schäffler, over the past few years you have submitted dozens of motions to the government's blockchain policy expressing your dissatisfaction.

Is everything getting better now?

Franz Nestler

Editor in business.

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At least there is a great chance that a lot will get better.

Because the FDP will occupy the decisive ministries for these questions.

The finance minister will appoint the topic of financial market regulation, many topics concern the ministry of justice and the ministry of digitization is an important interface.

What will the federal government's position on blockchain be?

It will be a quantum leap because we are open to these issues.

We didn't just say that during the election campaign, it is also in the coalition agreement.

What has to change now?

The regulatory framework must be set at a European level.

There are now various legislative processes pending where the new coalition must leave its mark.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance is drafting an amendment to the taxation of crypto assets, which is currently being voted on.

Here it depends on the details.

Let's take a concrete look at the coalition agreement: You want to initiate a feasibility study to see whether there can be a land register based on the blockchain.

What are your hopes for this?

Transfer of ownership is central to the blockchain.

If it is possible to organize the whole thing remotely from the state, then that would be a great benefit not only in Germany, but also internationally.

It can ultimately get cheaper, faster and easier for people.

But that's a long way.

You want to take advantage of the opportunities, identify risks and create an appropriate regulatory framework.

What does this frame look like?

These are two sides of the same coin.

The blockchain and crypto assets can be misused.

The state must develop knowledge in this area so that they can prosecute illegal and improper use.

It takes efforts from customs, BaFin and public prosecutors.

And the chances?

We mustn't put any obstacles in the way of the industry in Germany.

We have to create a legal tax framework so that companies stay here in the country.

And a European legal framework must be created as quickly as possible.

And that doesn't have to create completely new law, but rather define a playing field.

So that not a company in Malta uses easier regulation than in Germany.

Do the designated FDP ministers share your passion for blockchain?


Marco Buschmann himself suggested a crypto currency in the energy sector.

The coalition agreement was largely shaped by Christian Lindner in the financial sector.

The crypto friendliness can be read out.

The old government's blockade in this area will be a thing of the past.