The hotter the "meta universe", the more it needs to be calm

  She Huimin

  As a sci-fi concept that has been published in novels for nearly 30 years, Metaverse has ushered in a round of speculation in the capital market this year.

  This week, on the virtual world platform Decentraland, a piece of digital land was sold for a high price of US$2.43 million, once again setting the price record for virtual real estate.

Many netizens exclaimed: Yuan Universe is also real estate speculators!

Actually more than real estate speculation?

Liquor Yuan Cosmos, Ham Sausage Yuan Cosmos, Yuan Cosmos Scenic Area, Yuan Cosmos City... Yuan Cosmos is a box, and everything can be put inside.

"Everything can be meta-universe", the banter of netizens has become a reality carnival of capital.

  Let us analyze the current meta-universe boom from three perspectives: reality, fame, and profit.

  Reality-concept first, far surpassing technological progress.

  The concept of meta-universe began in the American science fiction novel "Avalanche" in 1992. It is a virtual reality network world that can map and interact with the real world, allowing future humans to experience a completely different life.

  At present, the epidemic has brought the rise of the housing economy, and the development of new technologies such as Extended Reality (XR) and digital twins has made it possible for the concept of Metaverse to be realized. The metaverse has been translated from novels by technology giants to tell stories to the capital market. The more fried, the hotter it gets.

  The underlying technical architecture of Metaverse includes multiple levels such as network environment, virtual and real interfaces, data processing, authentication mechanism, and content production.

The meta-universe that human beings can create is very primitive and primitive, and the relevant technology only stays at the entrance of the meta-universe.

When will the technological foundation mature?

10 years or so has been the most optimistic forecast.

  Name-the giants compete for the name, intending to advance the layout.

  Recently, some international technology giants are vying to enter the meta-universe. For example, the social network giant Facebook officially changed its name to Meta, which was jokingly called "Don't Face".

Some people can't help asking: Why are the giants rushing into the pit because the technology foundation is immature?

  The giants are vying to lay out the meta-universe, in fact, it is a fight for names, and the fight for names is for profit.

There was a saying on the Internet: "In the past, there were several bread sellers, such as Langlang brand bread, Tengteng brand bread, Soso brand bread, and Yiyi brand bread. The competition was fierce. One day, Langlang brand bread was renamed Bread. Brand bread, several other brands are instantly petrified.” Obviously, Meta wants to be the “Bread Brand Bread” and uses the word “Meta” first. It is forcibly bound to the concept of Metaverse. Will it take this to monopolize in the future? , It's hard to say.

  For institutions participating in the name contest, Metaverse is a future that will be realized to a large extent, and now is a good time to take the initiative.

  Profits-following the trend of investing is like licking blood.

  From a corporate perspective, it is understandable to set foot in Metaverse ahead of schedule; but from a market perspective, it is obviously premature to use Metaverse to value companies at a premium.

  In addition to the risk that the technology is far from mature, there are many other risks in Metaverse.

The algorithm-based virtual world may cause humans to be overly addicted, and the real society will fall into decline. This has been forewarned in science fiction movies such as "The Matrix" and "Ready Player One".

In reality, when the technology is mature in the future, the construction and governance of the metaverse will obviously also encounter a lot of social ethics, rule of law and other problems, and the risk of uncertainty is extremely high.

If small and medium-sized investors want to follow the trend and invest in Metaverse, it is like licking their blood, with high risks and difficult profits.

  Reality is not here, the name goes first, and the benefits are rare.

For the general public, the hotter the meta universe, the more it needs to be calm!