China News Service, Shenzhen, November 27th (Zhu Zuying) The summary conference of the 9th China Charity Project Exchange Exhibition (referred to as "City Exhibition") was held in Shenzhen on the 26th.

According to the statistics released by the organizing committee, this year's Charity Fair has united 17 Internet public fundraising information platforms such as Tencent Charity, Alibaba Charity, ByteDance Charity, and Kuaishou Technology to launch fundraising activities on the theme of rural revitalization, and the total amount of funds raised exceeded 2.4. 100 million yuan.

  It is understood that this year's Charity Fair conducted 145 information releases and project roadshows through the establishment of intelligent matching and consultation systems on the cloud, linkage with Internet public fundraising platforms, and major resource matching activities, which contributed to a total of project donations, consumer assistance product purchases and There are nearly 230 intentional matching cooperation projects such as rural revitalization industrial investment projects, and the amount of intentional matching exceeds 3.74 billion yuan, of which more than 2 billion yuan is for consumer assistance product procurement and industrial investment projects.

  In the early stage of the exhibition, Ci Exhibition carried out the "I am a hometown recommendation officer" short video collection activity of 100 counties and 100 counties, and selected 24 creative short videos to be displayed during the exhibition, bringing the public a visual feast of rural villages on the cloud.

  During the exhibition, like the short video of "I am the recommender of my hometown", the online relay of "I speak for my hometown", check in the cultural travel route of hundreds of counties, experience the "Yiqi Decrypt" mini game, and purchase the live broadcast of helping farmers on the cloud Activities such as purchasing agricultural products and collecting charity blind bags attracted more than 3 million people to participate in the online experience.

  The China Charity Exhibition also organized a series of branding and professional supporting activities such as the China Charity Project Competition, the China Charity Image Festival, and the TIFP New Charity Program.

  Up to now, the China Charity Project Competition has set up a main track around rural revitalization, and selected 10 five-star outstanding projects, 10 four-star outstanding projects, and 10 three-star outstanding projects. The China Public Welfare Image Festival continues with the theme of "Seeing Love and Seeing the Future", focusing on the three main lines of "Rural Revitalization", "Red Inheritance" and "Life Guardian". A total of 416 public service films have been collected. , And finally selected 51 award-winning works.

  At the same time, the ninth charity exhibition joint communication partners, public service advertising support units, outstanding exhibitors, outstanding cooperative institutions, public welfare partners, strategic partners of "Charity Helping Rural Revitalization" and "Cloud on the Helping Farmers" were announced at the same time. Revitalize the list of assisting officials.