China News Service, Lanzhou, November 26 (Reporter Yin Chunyong and Ding Si Gaoying) Lanzhou, which makes many people feel unfamiliar, is even more unfamiliar. Lanzhou is also one of the important supply areas of China's "vegetable basket" products, which are delivered to all parts of the country every year. Fresh vegetables for six months.

In July 2021, the 2021 China Lanzhou (Yuzhong) Plateau Summer Vegetables New Product Expo will be held in Gaoya Town, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City.

(Data Map) Photo by Yang Na

Arid and less rainy land has become a rich "vegetable basket"

  The people regard food as their heaven.

Nowadays, green and healthy, excellent quality, unique flavor...have become the new standard for people to choose "vegetable basket" products.

  Liu Kai, director of the Vegetable Station of the Lanzhou Agricultural Research Center, recently accepted an interview with reporters from China News Service and China News Network that the soil in Lanzhou is mainly loess, with loose soil and fertile soil, which is particularly suitable for vegetable growth.

In addition, the large altitude difference and the complex topography have created a variety of arable land types, which are more suitable for cascaded planting and batch marketing, which provides a guarantee for the long-term supply of major vegetable varieties.

  In Lanzhou, a large area of ​​Eryin mountainous area, which is dominated by Yuzhong Nanshan and Yongdeng Northwest area, is the main producing area of ​​cold green vegetables in Lanzhou, and it is also an important local vegetable export base.

  Therefore, the vegetables produced in Lanzhou meet the diversified needs of diners, and their categories involve more than 30 types of more than 300 varieties, such as cauliflower, loose cauliflower, broccoli, kale, bamboo shoots, celery, Chinese cabbage, baby cabbage, Chinese kale, carrots, etc. , Collectively referred to as "Plateau Summer Vegetables".

In late November, Lanzhou International Plateau Summer Vegetables and Non-staple Food Purchasing Center, the largest "vegetable basket" supply base in Lanzhou, had a sufficient supply of winter vegetables.

Photo by Yang Yanmin

Why is it called "Plateau Summer Vegetables"?

  Every summer and autumn, the southern region has high temperatures, frequent meteorological disasters, low vegetable yields and poor quality. However, this is when the Lanzhou plateau summer vegetables are on the market in large quantities, which just make up for the vegetable supply gap in the southeast coastal area.

  According to the Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the vegetables produced in Lanzhou are a good product with "staggered peaks".

At present, it is exported to nearly 100 wholesale markets in 22 provinces (cities) across the country.

  Most places in Lanzhou are between 1500 meters and 2900 meters above sea level. Plateau areas with long sunshine hours, large temperature difference between day and night, cold climate and less rain, have fewer pests and diseases, and have high dry matter content of vegetables, rich nutrition, and a sweet and crisp taste.

  Liu Kai said that due to the large altitude difference, it has the inherent advantage of cascading sowing, and the harvest season is from May to November each year.

The local vegetable growing area has a cool climate, sufficient sunshine, and large temperature difference between day and night. Compared with other vegetable growing areas, Lanzhou has a high altitude, so the vegetables produced in Lanzhou in summer are called "plateau summer vegetables".

  Statistics show that in 2020, the sown area of ​​summer vegetables on the plateau in Lanzhou will reach 877.6 thousand mu, the output will reach 1.918 million tons, and the export rate will be over 60%.

In July 2021, the plateau summer vegetables in Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City are growing well.

(Data Map) Photo by Yang Na

It’s more convenient for the provincial capital to take care of the "vegetable basket" if it is close to the city without entering the city

  Convenient transportation is the outstanding location advantage of the provincial capital Lanzhou as a national "vegetable basket" base, allowing fresh vegetables to quickly "walk out of the mountains and reach consumers' tables".

  Lanzhou is the geometric center of the Chinese version of the map. It has quadruplets in the center and is located at the "crossroads" of the Northwest. The international airport is also one of the country’s 9 major logistics areas, 10 major logistics channels, and 21 national logistics node cities. The "vegetable basket" product supply pattern that sells nationwide.

  In late November, reporters from set off from the main city of Lanzhou and drove less than half an hour to reach the largest "vegetable basket" supply base in Lanzhou-located in Dingyuan Town, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, covering an area of ​​more than 4,800. Lanzhou International Plateau Summer Vegetables and Non-staple Food Purchasing Center.

The wholesale market, which has been in use for three years, involves functional areas such as vegetables, fruits, fresh food, grains and oils and non-staple food.

  "Near the city instead of entering the city, online and offline sales can meet the diverse needs of consumers." Zhang Zhiyong, chairman of the Lanzhou International Plateau Summer Vegetables and Non-staple Food Purchasing Center, said that the center is one of the few production areas and sales centers in the country. A wholesale market that integrates three types of functions: a centralized and a distributed market.

In summer, the daily trading volume of fruits and vegetables is more than 4,000 tons; in winter, the main focus is to guarantee supply, which radiates to the five northwestern provinces and regions. During the Spring Festival, the daily trading volume increases to more than 7,000 tons.

  Zhang Zhiyong said that the market is mainly for regional vendors, and it is also exploring the development of a small distribution market in the main urban area of ​​Lanzhou; in addition to offline docking with large supermarkets, it also develops online distribution business through multiple network platforms to open up the last place for people to buy food. kilometer.

  Lanzhou Plateau Summer Vegetables have consistently maintained a pass rate of over 98% in the routine random inspections of agricultural products by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which ranks in the forefront of the nation’s large and medium-sized cities.

In 2020, the brand value of Lanzhou Plateau Summer Vegetables will reach 5.8 billion yuan.

  In 2020, Lanzhou’s “Vegetable Basket” mayor’s responsibility system was assessed by the State Council’s “Vegetable Basket” Project Construction Leading Group as an outstanding provincial capital city in the country.

As the provincial capital, Lanzhou has more confidence and courage.