China News Service Xining, November 25 (Li Jiangning, Chang Bingyu, Meng Xiangfu) On the 25th, the reporter learned from State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company that recently, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company joined hands with Qinghai Yatong Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Haotong. Two new energy automobile dealers of Auto Sales Service Co., Ltd. signed the "Cooperation Agreement on "Buying a Car and Getting Electricity-Installing Pile and Connecting Electricity-Value-added Services".

The two parties will use the "Online State Grid" APP as the carrier and data sharing and sharing as the starting point to provide car owners with a one-stop delivery experience of "purchasing a car, installing electricity, receiving electricity, charging services, and value-added services" to achieve sales of electricity, Pile-loading and electricity connection are promoted in parallel to realize the online circulation of customer information, and the business process of charging facilities to connect to electricity can be carried out through one network, and a new model of car purchase and electricity generation has been opened.

  According to reports, in recent years, in order to integrate the advantageous resources of the electric vehicle industry chain in Xining, State Grid Qinghai Power has actively assisted the construction of low-carbon cities and smart transportation, optimized the electricity management model, improved the efficiency of electricity management, improved electricity services, and proactively contacted car companies. , Multi-channel publicity and promotion, distributed more than 200 copies of the "User Guide for Electric Vehicle Application and Charging", and took the lead in signing a cooperation agreement with two car companies in the province of "Buying a car, installing electricity, connecting electricity, and adding value-added services" .

  It is understood that in the past, new energy vehicle owners applied for charging piles for electricity use. They had to first submit the confirmation of parking space usage rights, fill in the application materials for installation by telegram, and issue certificates of approval to install charging and replacement facilities in the community management unit. The installation procedures were complicated. And the cost is higher.

The one-stop service of "Buying a car, installing electricity, receiving electricity, charging service, and value-added service" will bring the electricity service to car dealers and 4S stores. Customers can submit their ID photos in the "Internet State Network" APP. Quickly handle the "recharging pile application" business.

After receiving the installation order, the power supply company proactively docks with the car owner, implements the electricity handling process, arranges survey, construction, and acceptance time, assists in property coordination, speeds up the installation and use process of car owners’ charging piles, and promotes the solution of the difficulty of home charging pile construction, expensive construction, and hidden dangers Big question.

  In addition, customers can also use the "Internet State Grid" APP to scan the code to charge, to avoid the problem of being unable to charge due to forgetting to bring the charging card, losing the charging card, or not charging the charging card, and fully satisfying the convenient charging of new energy vehicle owners. Demand, focus on improving customer experience of using electric vehicles, and open a "green channel" for the development of new energy vehicles.

  In the next step, State Grid Qinghai Power will establish a cooperation working group with the two contracted car companies to establish a flexible and efficient communication mechanism and information exchange mechanism, coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the cooperation process, and continuously deepen and enrich the content and form of cooperation. Strengthen the promotion of charging piles in Qinghai Province, optimize various services, and bring new experiences to more car owners.