Concerns over the discovery of a new mutant virus in South Africa have also plunged major stock indexes in the European stock market.

In the Paris market and the Frankfurt market in Germany, the rate of decline exceeded 4%.

In the European stock market on the 26th, the confirmation of a new mutant virus in South Africa raised concerns about the future of the economy, and sales orders expanded following the markets in Tokyo and Asia.

As a result, major stock indexes fell 4.7% in the Paris market, 4.1% in the Frankfurt market, more than 4%, and 3.6% in the London market compared to the closing price on the previous day. It plummeted in.

Market officials said, "The impact of the new mutant virus on the economy is still unclear, but the market has reacted strongly as each country announced travel restrictions, etc., and the restrictions on economic activities will be tightened again in Europe. There is a growing sense of caution. "