Sales of major restaurant chains nationwide last month were 0.5 compared to the same month last year, while fast food take-out and home delivery were strong even after the state of emergency was lifted. It decreased by% and was almost the same as the previous year.

According to the Japan Food Service Association, last month's sales of major restaurant chains nationwide fell 0.5% compared to the same month last year, almost on par with the previous year.

On the other hand, it decreased by 6.1% compared to the adult before the spread of the new corona.

By type of business,

▽ "Fast food" sales increased by 5.4% from last year due to strong take-out and home delivery even after the emergency declaration was lifted, while

▽ "Pubs and taverns" were closed. Although the reopening of the stores gradually progressed, it decreased by 30.8%.

▽ At "Family Restaurant"

, although the number of

customers visiting the restaurant at lunchtime was on a recovery trend, the nighttime business did not work, and the decrease was 6.5%.

The Japan Food Service Association said, "Sales are recovering as a whole, but izakaya and other places are still in a difficult situation even if the provision of alcoholic beverages is resumed. Soaring raw material prices are also a cause for concern in the future." rice field.