, Beijing, November 25 (Cao Nianrun) The latest research released on the 25th by Nielsen IQ, a global monitoring and data analysis company, shows that the "Double Eleven" in 2021 will have significant new changes compared with previous years. Trends, consumer products, etc. are all reflected.

The emerging consumers of Generation Z are rising, and their spending power is gradually being released, and they will become a new potential consumer group in the future.

  According to Nielsen IQ research, although Double Eleven has reached its 13th year, from the perspective of the time span, many platforms have extended the pre-sale time. Pre-sales have been opened as early as October, and they are still after the holiday. Increase returns and turn the shopping festival into a shopping season.

  Research pointed out that the "Double Eleven" e-commerce shopping festival began to advocate rational consumption this year, instead of blindly pursuing GMV (total merchandise transactions), and various platforms have returned to the self to build a sustainable e-commerce environment.

During the "Double Eleven" period, various ministries and commissions issued policies calling for rationality and avoiding consumers' irrational impulsive shopping behaviors.

The platform also began to pay more attention to the quality of development, better customer experience, a more friendly business environment, and a healthier business ecology.

  Nielsen IQ said that the important consumer group of "Double Eleven"-Generation Z is in the rising stage.

This group has a large number of people and considerable spending power, and is being regarded as a potential group to focus on by most brands.

  The report pointed out that most of the most representative college students of the Z generation participated in "Double Eleven" because of cheap prices and new products, and 86.9% of them were attracted by commodity prices to consume.

In the choice of product categories, they focused on the beauty, personal care, food, clothing and other content, of which 51% almost used their monthly pocket money (average 1680 yuan) during the "Double Eleven".

  The report believes that Gen Z also has its own attitude towards this year's "Double Eleven" promotion.

Although good at using mobile phones, this group lacks patience for complex gameplay and excessive publicity.

The complicated promotion gameplay, more publicity and advertisement push, and misleading prices are the main problems that Gen Z believes this year's "Double Eleven".

The survey also shows that this young group prefers to participate in low-complexity promotions, such as simple discounts and shopping allowances.