China News Service, Wuhan, November 24 (Wu Yili) The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Hubei Provincial Government Information Office on the 24th that in recent years, the province has used mobile Internet, 5G commercial applications, low-carbon green consumption, and " New types of consumption characterized by "Internet +" have developed rapidly.

  Yang Ying, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that the rapid development of new types of consumption in Hubei has changed consumption patterns, broadened consumption areas, and also hedged against the impact of the epidemic.

When the epidemic broke out, new types of consumption such as community online group purchases and e-commerce fresh food distribution effectively met the basic living needs of residents; after the epidemic, new types of consumption filled the gap in traditional contact consumption in a timely manner, which is very important for the Hubei consumer market and even after the economic and social epidemic. The revitalization played an important role.

  Yang Ying believes that at present, Hubei Province is ushering in a golden period of development of new consumption.

New consumption formats and new models represented by green consumption, online digital consumption, new cultural tourism consumption, new health consumption, etc. are deeply integrated into people’s lives, and new consumption such as online tourism, fresh food e-commerce, online medical treatment, and online office The emergence of business formats is accelerating.

In addition, all cities and prefectures in the province have made useful attempts to promote the development of new types of consumption.

Night tour products such as the "light and shadow + performing arts" immersive story scenes of the Yellow Crane Tower are well-received; Yichang City is focusing on the development of industrial tourism, online celebrity film and television setting locations, "check-in tour" and other business formats, and develop all-weather, four-season cultural tourism consumer products.

  In the next step, Hubei will study and introduce policies and measures to further support the development of new consumption in the province, promote the development of new consumer formats and the integration of online and offline consumption, cultivate leading local e-commerce companies, and implement modes such as cloud shopping, cloud tourism, and online promotion conferences. With the help of live broadcast and other promotional activities, enrich the digital consumption scene.

  It is reported that the first Hubei Green Consumption Expo co-sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce, the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government will be held in Wuhan from December 3-6, including smart manufacturing consumption, green housing construction, cultural tourism consumption, sports There are six exhibition areas for consumption, Chu cuisine, Chu tea, Chu wine, and new energy vehicles, with more than 1,100 offline exhibitors.

Closely linked to the "new type", this expo will hold a forum on the theme of leading the high-quality development of new types of consumption with new formats and new models, and accelerate the rapid development of new formats and new models of consumption represented by "Internet + service" consumption.