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truck drivers went on a three-day strike. They are demanding that the safety fare system that guarantees the lowest fare be extended and industrial accident insurance be applied, which has caused logistical disruptions in some ports and cement warehouses.

Reporter Hyung-woo Hyung.

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general strike of the cargo regiment was held at 16 locations across the country.

The Cargo Solidarity said that most of the 23,000 union members participated in the strike.

[When we stop, the world stops.] The

core requirement of the Cargo Solidarity is to fully expand the safe fare system.

The government has implemented a safe fare system that guarantees the lowest fares to freight workers who transport import/export containers and cement, but demanded that the three-year sunset system be extended until the end of next year and expanded to all trucks.

When the minimum fare is guaranteed, it is possible to reduce speeding and overloading to ensure public safety and maintain the livelihood of truck drivers.

[Lee Bong-ju/Chairman of the Cargo Solidarity: It will be a struggle to protect the safety of the people. It will be a struggle to win the life of a freight worker as a human being.] They

argue that the rights of workers, such as industrial accident insurance, should also be recognized by truck drivers.

There was no major chaos other than a one-time traffic jam at the Uiwang Terminal, where the cargo solidarity of the Gyeonggi region in Seoul was assembled, but shipments were disrupted at cement production plants such as Danyang in Chungbuk and Yeongwol in Gangwon.

[Cement Association official: I took a cargo truck and blocked the front door and was performing a skill exercise, so transportation is being stopped.] The

association was worried about a prolonged strike even though there was no immediate setback by stockpiling cement in case of a strike.

[Korea International Trade Association official: Some companies are talking about damage because the port where goods enter is blocked.] The

Cargo Solidarity foreshadowed that if the requirements were not resolved in this three-day general strike, they would hold a second indefinite strike.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, Yoo Dong-hyuk, KNN, Ha Ho-young, Jeong Seong-wook, video editing: So Ji-hye)