Retail sales in the first 10 months exceeded 10 trillion yuan-multiple factors supported the steady growth of online consumption

   Our reporter Feng Qiyu

  According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics a few days ago, from January to October this year, online retail sales across the country were 10,376.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.4%, and online consumption maintained a good growth momentum.

Against the background that the epidemic prevention and control situation is still severe and complex, what are the reasons for the steady growth of online consumption?

  "The steady growth of online consumption is the result of a combination of factors such as the increase in the number of netizens in the context of the epidemic, the characteristics of online shopping, and the rapid development of e-commerce." The number of Internet users in my country has maintained rapid growth. As of the first half of this year, the number of Internet users has exceeded 1 billion, and the number of online consumer groups has continued to increase, especially the rapid increase in the penetration rate of middle-aged and elderly groups and rural Internet users, which has further consolidated the market foundation for online consumption.

At the same time, online shopping itself has the characteristics of non-aggregation and contactlessness, which meets consumers' demand for consumption safety under the epidemic situation. Coupled with the rapid iteration of e-commerce development models, the continuous standardization of live e-commerce has helped to maintain the growth rate of online shopping. High position.

  Experts said that at present, my country continues to promote online consumption and faces favorable international and domestic situations.

From an international perspective, China practices the basic national policy of opening to the outside world, and has always insisted on opening the country’s doors for construction. In the process of opening up to the outside world at a new and higher level, it has promoted more and more integrated resources for online consumption, and imported high-quality products with characteristics of other countries. Channels are more smooth; from a domestic perspective, the increasingly powerful domestic market provides higher-quality supplies for promoting online consumption, and the ever-changing domestic new products and services provide important material guarantees for the growth of online consumption. Demand is created through supply. Promote the continuous release of online consumption potential.

  With the continuous expansion of the online consumer market, how to further regulate the development of the platform economy in accordance with the law?

Sound digital rules seem to be particularly important.

Since the beginning of this year, the state has strengthened the supervision of the platform economy, and a pattern of healthy competition is taking shape, which has accelerated the release of a series of policy dividends and improved the consumer experience of consumers.

  Li Yongjian, a researcher at the Institute of Financial and Economic Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out: “The changes in the mainstream consumer population have led to the change of consumption concepts in the new era.” As aborigines of the Internet, youth groups have more comprehensive information about goods and services, which has improved their product and service information. The demand of the times and the aesthetic ability of the people, the choice of consumption is also more individual.

  The rise of the "national tide" and the popularity of domestic products are closely related to the growth of the younger generation of consumer groups in China.

"The fierce online consumption has enhanced brand value, making Chinese brands a new force in driving the high growth of online consumption." Zhao Ping said.

  Li Zhengbo, chief analyst of China International E-commerce Center, believes that in the context of the continuous emergence of new models and formats such as live e-commerce, fresh food e-commerce, community group buying, and instant retail, a more digital and intelligent online retail market can become more Accurately reach target consumers, better meet consumers' individualized and quality consumption needs, and continue to promote the iterative upgrade of the online retail market and related supporting systems.

  It should be noted that in the future to promote the development of online consumption, on the one hand, we must continuously optimize the legal environment for the protection of online consumers' rights and interests, continue to improve the level of consumer protection, and create a good environment for online consumption.

On the other hand, improve the service level of traditional e-commerce platforms, accelerate channel changes, and strengthen the leading role of new business formats and new models in consumption growth.

"Live e-commerce companies must continue to improve the product selection process, pre-sales and after-sales service, and consumer rights protection, and move from enjoying the traffic dividend to the path of refined operation and supply chain optimization as soon as possible." Zhao Ping said.

  Looking ahead to the domestic consumption situation from the end of this year to the beginning of next year, relevant experts said that the interference of the epidemic on consumption will be further weakened, and consumption will generally be on a normalized growth track.

Among them, commodity consumption will maintain a steady growth, and the year-on-year growth rate will increase; concentrated service consumption is expected to continue to recover; innovative consumption and green consumption will lead the consumption growth.

The consumption of quality products and branded products that represent consumption upgrades will grow steadily, the growth rate of online consumption will remain high, and the consumption of the new energy automobile industry will accelerate growth.

Feng Qiyu