In the first week of the market opening, the Beijing Stock Exchange welcomes a "good start"

  On November 15th, the Beijing Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "Beijing Stock Exchange") officially opened its bell, marking a big step forward in the construction of China's multi-level capital market.

  What was the result in the first week of the market opening?

Data from relevant market institutions shows that in the first week of operation of the Beijing Stock Exchange, the turnover of listed companies reached 21.2 billion yuan; as of the close of November 19, the total market value of the first batch of 81 listed companies reached 269.596 billion yuan.

  During the interview, the reporter found that investors, brokerage firms, listed companies, and unlisted small and medium-sized enterprises were all excited about the "good start" of the Beijing Stock Exchange.

It is generally believed that the successful opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange has created a good environment for the better and faster development of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, created more investment opportunities for investors and market parties, and provided a strong foundation for the high-quality development of China’s economy. Strong financial support.

 Bright theme, grab the dividend of high-quality development

  Walking more than 800 meters north from Fuxingmen in Beijing, you can see a 7-storey office building with the words "Beijing Stock Exchange" hanging at the front entrance.

Although most of the business can be handled online, the visitor registration forms at the reception desk on the first floor of the Beijing Stock Exchange are still densely packed.

  On November 19, the first batch of 8 Beijing Stock Exchange theme funds under public offerings, including China Xia, GF, and E Fund, went on sale at the same time.

Within half a day, all related funds were sold out.

Behind this is undoubtedly the huge enthusiasm of the market.

  On the one hand, investors are very interested.

Yin Lijun, from Kunming, Yunnan, has been involved in stock investment for nearly 30 years and is a typical "old stock investor".

After the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange, he immediately raised 500,000 yuan to complete the account opening procedures and set out to study the first batch of listed companies.

"Beijing Stock Exchange has a very clear positioning and mainly serves innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the fast-growth period." Yin Lijun said that these companies have huge development space and are also accompanied by higher risks. Recently, he is stepping up from various media. Obtain information to better carry out long-term investments.

  "As an important part of the multi-level capital market, the Beijing Stock Exchange is an important platform to support the real economy, allowing investors to participate in economic transformation and upgrading more closely, and to share investment opportunities for high-quality development. From the first week of market opening From the perspective of the situation, the Beijing Stock Exchange is generally operating smoothly, and it also shows its own characteristics, which is different from other markets. In the future, as more high-quality companies are listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, I will further participate." Ms. Wei who works in Shanghai said.

  On the other side, brokerage agencies are busy.

As the first batch of brokers to open the authority of the Beijing Stock Exchange for their clients, CITIC Securities has made adequate preparations for the technical preparations, policy explanations, investor education and risk warnings involved in the business of the Beijing Stock Exchange.

  "After the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange, market activity has increased significantly, and the enthusiasm of investors in the entire market has also increased. CITIC Securities' investors are currently mainly individual investors. On the whole, the enthusiasm for participation is higher and the authority is open. About 10% of our customers have participated in stock purchases, and customers involved in trading are relatively active. In addition, we use multiple channels to publicize trading rules before and after the market opens, and overall customer participation in the market is relatively rational.” CITIC Securities The relevant person in charge introduced to our reporter.

  The relevant information provided by Huatai Securities to our reporter also showed that on the first day of the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange, the number of customers for which Huatai Securities newly opened the trading authority of the Beijing Stock Exchange surged, about 5 times the daily average number of the previous week.

During this process, Huatai Securities actively guided customers to understand the background and significance of the Beijing Stock Exchange, trading rules, etc. At the same time, it also invited professionals to interpret the relevant business knowledge and investment opportunities of the Beijing Stock Exchange from multiple perspectives.

  Clear positioning to escort small and medium-sized enterprises

  From the listing on the New OTC Market to the listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange, Cheng Yongqing, chairman of Beijing Sanyuan Gene Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has a deep feeling about the positioning of the Beijing Stock Exchange to serve innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

  "Ternary Gene's main product'recombinant human genetic engineering α1b interferon' is China's first genetic engineering first-class new drug with independent intellectual property rights. Unlike other industries, although the scientific research and innovation of the biomedical industry has high economic benefits and Social benefits, but there are also the characteristics of'long R&D cycle and large initial investment'. This means that if we cannot obtain sufficient stable long-term capital investment, it will be difficult for us to achieve rapid development and catch up with foreign counterparts." Cheng Yongqing said The reporter said.

  Cheng Yongqing said that through the direct financing of the New Third Board and the Beijing Stock Exchange, Sanyuan Gene has obtained valuable funds urgently needed for new product research and development and transformation of the production line on the one hand, and provided great support for the transformation of scientific research results; on the other hand, it has also realized talents. The accelerated improvement of corporate governance systems such as selection, performance appraisal, internal management, and information disclosure has laid the foundation for the company to become bigger and stronger.

"After listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange, we immediately invested all the financing we received into the latest four R&D projects!" he said.

  The “good start” of the Beijing Stock Exchange has not only allowed listed companies to obtain much-needed development funds, but also allowed more innovative small and medium-sized enterprises to see hope.

  Hebei Haina Electric Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. is a "specialized, precise and new" enterprise focusing on the research and development of electric power measurement verification technology and equipment.

In recent years, Haina Electric has vigorously launched new businesses such as smart charging cloud management and new energy vehicle charging piles.

"my country's deepening of the NEEQ reform and the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange is a major benefit for small and medium-sized enterprises like Heiner! The cultivation and support of the Beijing Stock Exchange for'specialized, special and new' enterprises can more efficiently promote the integration of technology and capital. , To provide strong support for the development of the company. At present, Hainer is stepping up its new business layout and hopes to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange for financing in the future." said Jiang Hui, general manager of the company.

  In an interview with this reporter, Li Xudong, managing director of China Securities Investment Securities, said that the Beijing Stock Exchange has brought more accurate, more tolerant and more convenient listing channels for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, including "specialized, special and innovative".

Through innovative system design, the Beijing Stock Exchange has provided multiple listing standards, an inclusive review mechanism, and a flexible financing merger system to establish a capital market service system that fits the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  "The establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange has supplemented the shortcomings of the capital market in serving small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises with a real future to enter the capital market earlier, achieve faster and better development, and continuously inject innovative vitality into China's economy." Li Xudong said.

  Far-reaching impact, enhance the competitiveness of the capital market

  Many people in the industry said that the Beijing Stock Exchange had "a good start" to enhance the competitiveness of China's capital market and opened the door for more high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

  According to the data from Tianyan Check, there are 4,922 state-level "specialized, special-new" little giant enterprises that have been officially announced.

Among them, the most distributed industries are scientific research and technical service industries with 690, followed by general equipment manufacturing, research and experimental development industries.

Geographically, these companies cover almost 31 provinces.

Specifically, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Anhui, Fujian, Sichuan and other places have more such enterprises, and the top ten regions have national-level “specialized special new” small The total number of giant companies accounted for 61.1% of the country.

  Zhu Haibin, assistant to the general manager of Essence Securities Research Center, told reporters that my country’s stock exchanges were mainly located in the southeast coastal area. The establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange is of great significance to the formation of my country’s capital market pattern across the north and south, and will drive the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. , Northeast, Central and other regions have better development.

In addition, the Beijing Stock Exchange’s listing standards pay more attention to the actual development stages and conditions of SMEs, and it is expected to provide more “specialized, special and new” SMEs with convenient financing conditions, thereby contributing to the balanced and high-quality growth of the Chinese economy.

  Chen Jie, director of the Commercial Law Office of the Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that one of the biggest highlights of the NEEQ reform is to open up its two-way channels with exchanges and regional equity markets through the internal stratification and transfer system, so that the NEEQ has more advantages. The hierarchical capital market has truly played a role in linking the above and the below.

The establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange means that the two-way channel of "ups and downs" in the domestic multi-level capital market has been fully opened, and a benign competition pattern of "different emphasis and complementary" has been formed.

  Facing the future, the Beijing Stock Exchange will bring more confidence to market players.

  Liu Xiaoliang, secretary of the board of directors of Yingtai Biotechnology, told the reporter that the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and GLP technical services of pesticide technical, intermediates and preparation products.

As the first batch of listed companies on the Beijing Stock Exchange, Yingtai Bio will continue to focus on its main business, deepen its potential, and move closer to large-scale enterprises with stronger core competitiveness.

"We will strive to leverage the strength of the Beijing Stock Exchange to become bigger and stronger, and to better return investment and society."

  "CITIC Securities has been serving innovative small and medium-sized enterprises for a long time. In the future, it will continue to actively implement the country's strategic deployment of inclusive services in the capital market, further strengthen its business investment in the Beijing Stock Exchange, and fully participate in the construction and development of the Beijing Stock Exchange. We are willing to accompany you. Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises such as'specialized, new and hidden champions' continue to grow, helping high-quality companies to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, and better serving the high-quality development of the real economy." said the relevant person in charge of CITIC Securities.

Wang Junling

Wang Junling