L'Oreal facial masks are trapped in the "biggest of the year" turmoil involving over 6000 collective complaints

Beauty big-name double eleven promotion rollover?

  Recently, because the pre-sale price is 66% higher than the double eleven spot, L'Oréal has been complained by a large number of consumers about false propaganda, and related topics have also rushed into Weibo hot searches.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily noticed that at present, on a certain complaint platform, the number of complaints from L'Oréal has exceeded 12,000, and the number of collective complaints involving the incident has exceeded 6,000.

Not only L'Oreal, but Estee Lauder, Fu Lei Shi, OLAY and many other major cosmetics brands have a lot of routines in the double eleven promotion activities, and they have been complained by consumers one after another.

In response to this incident, on the evening of November 17th, Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya's live broadcast room issued a statement successively, stating that there is a price difference between the price of L'Oreal facial mask sold in the live broadcast room of the anchor and the price of the brand's live broadcast room, saying that if the brand is not resolved within 24 hours In this matter, the anchor live broadcast room will provide consumers with a compensation plan.

Before the matter was resolved, Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya both stated that they would suspend all cooperation with the official flagship store of L'Oréal in Paris.


The pre-sale price of L'Oreal mask is 66% higher than the spot price of Double Eleven

  Many consumers reported that during the pre-sale of Double Eleven this year, they bought 20 pieces of L'Oreal ampoule masks and gave them 30 pieces. The pre-sale price was 429 yuan in the live broadcast of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi. The official also promoted the event on Weibo. It will be the "full year's greatest effort", attracting many consumers to place orders one after another.

  However, on the day of Double Eleven, consumers found that buying spot in the L'Oreal live studio, buying 20 pieces of the same mask and giving away 30 pieces of facial masks, superimposed on the official full discount coupon, only cost 257 yuan, the pre-sale price is higher than that of Double Ten. One spot price is 66% higher.

  In this regard, L'Oréal China stated that the emergence of some consumers taking products at a lower price than the live-streaming room was due to the superimposed use of discounts from multiple platforms and stores.

And to enjoy these discounts, you need to make up the order to a certain total price threshold. At the same time, the platform system will automatically spread the eligible discounts on the event products to achieve.

  This statement has not been recognized by consumers.

Some consumers said that the lower prices of spot products were due to the fact that L'Oréal issued a discount coupon of 900 minus 200 in its live broadcast room, while in the live broadcast room of the double eleven pre-sale, only 799 yuan minus 100 Yuan coupons.

  Some consumers said that they saw L'Oréal's Weibo claim that the prepayment activity is the most favorable activity of the year, but as the event ferments, the current L'Oréal-related Weibo content has deleted this sentence.


The after-sales difficulty insuring the price clause of the merchant is in vain

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily noticed that in the pre-sale page of L'Oreal the product, the merchant also made a price-insurance promise, and the price-insurance time is until November 27.

But when a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily tried to use the "price-insurance" function, the page showed that the merchant had deleted the link to the product, so consumers could only negotiate with the merchant.

But when it comes to the customer service of the merchant, it becomes a variety of automatic replies. Even if a manual customer service is later assigned, the feedback to consumers is not followed.

  Some consumers said that they received a reply from L'Oréal customer service. Most of them said that the request for refund of the difference was rejected by the customer service. Some customer service said that the two items are not a link, so the difference cannot be refunded.

A netizen posted a response from the customer service of L'Oréal's official flagship store. The customer service said: Due to irregular promotional activities, the prices of different activities will change.

If you want to refund the difference, consumers need to provide a coupon recording screen for verification.

  On the 16th, topics related to L'Oreal ampoule mask rushed into hot searches.

As of November 17, on the Black Cat complaint platform, L'Oréal’s complaints are still growing rapidly, from over 10,000 to over 12,000 in just one morning.

There have been more than 6,700 collective complaints about the price difference of ampoules.


If you want a large gift, you have to pay or the actual capacity of the lucky draw gift box is in doubt

  This year's Double Eleven, L'Oréal is not the only one who makes consumers realize that they have been "cut leek".

A reporter from the Beiqing Daily saw on the Black Cat platform that complaints involving Double Eleven were very intensive. Most of them were dissatisfied with the various routines set up for Double Eleven events.

  Among them, consumers complained about Estee Lauder's official flagship store on Tmall.

The shop's small brown bottle eye cream page describes "A total of 800 free collagen cream 15ml". I bought two bottles of 1000+ for more than 800 yuan and did not receive a gift.

When I asked the customer service to ask why I did not receive the gift, the customer service explained that the page still has the words "0.01 Member Privilege".

The page did not clearly inform the meaning of the 0.01 member privilege. After the customer service explained it, it was realized that after the purchase of 800 yuan, you would have to join the member and pay 0.01 yuan to get the gift.

  The Fresh Fulei Poetry Repair and Firming Mask Gift Box has fallen into the suspicion of insufficient capacity.

The product is labeled as 30ml, but some consumers said that the product was "dissatisfied" when received.

Some consumers even weigh in directly, showing that the actual product is indeed not enough for the nominal capacity.

There are also consumers who claim that the product they received has only one bottom.

In this regard, the customer service said that the product has no seal on the grounds of environmental protection.

Consumers cannot confirm whether the product has been used or the capacity is insufficient due to other reasons.

  Some consumers are interested in the event that the OLAY flagship store will give away gifts worth 480 yuan during Double Eleven over 529 yuan.

In fact, the payment of 765 yuan is full of 529 yuan, which should be a gift, but the consumer only received the formal outfit.

In this regard, OLAY customer service said that this gift is limited, and in the order of payment, it needs to be included in the winning list.

However, consumers said that the order page did not indicate that this gift worth 480 yuan was required to win the prize.

Some consumers say that OLAY is actually marked in small print under the picture of the gift.


At the beginning of Double Eleven, the China Consumers Association released consumer tips for "explosive flash sales"

  As early as the beginning of Double Eleven, the China Consumers Association issued consumer tips, and the online and offline markets on Double Eleven were shrouded in the propaganda fog of "big sale", "lowest throughout the year", "limited time snap-up" and "explosive flash sale". Form the psychological expectation of "buy is earn" for consumers.

But in fact, many years of price monitoring and consumer complaints organized by the Consumers Association show that some merchants’ "Double Eleven" promotional prices may not necessarily be genuinely beneficial. This kind of fancy "buy gift", the actual price is the same as usual, and it may even be the most expensive in the whole year.

  Consumers are advised to keep their eyes open and retain evidence. At the same time, the China Consumers Association also urges all types of e-commerce operators to be more sincere and less routine, formulate simple promotional rules and preferential measures, and provide quality products and high-quality products. After-sales service allows consumers to truly enjoy the benefits.

  This group of articles / reporter Zhang Xin

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