The happy news-style real-time turnover is gone!

The e-commerce giant's battle report on Double 11 this year has calmed down

  On November 11, the shopping climax of Double 11 has started, but as of now, no real-time transaction volume has been announced by the platform.

  In the previous Tmall Double 11 global carnival season, Tmall and will announce real-time turnover. For example, at 0:30 on Double 11 in 2020, Tmall announced the real-time turnover. At 9 o'clock, the cumulative order amount data was announced.

  It is worth noting that in this year's online media event on Tmall Double 11, there was no GMV screen on Tmall, showing real-time transaction volume data to the media.

  People familiar with the matter said that neither Tmall nor will release real-time data this year. will release the overall data on Double 11, while Tmall is not sure whether it will disclose the final transaction volume.

  Judging from the current battle report released by Tmall, it is the first to focus on small and medium-sized brands. As of 0:45 on November 11, there have been 411 small and medium-sized brands with a turnover of more than one million last year, and sales exceeded 10 million this year; 40 A brand with a turnover of tens of millions on Double 11 last year has exceeded the 100 million mark in double 11 this year.

  In addition, from November 1st to 11th at 0:45, 382 brands have had a turnover of more than 100 million yuan on Tmall Double 11.

Among them, there are not only popular domestic brands such as Huawei and Hongxing Erke, but also international brands such as Apple and L'Oreal.

Time-honored brands such as Pechoin and Huili, as well as new brands such as Jiao Nei and Tian Ke, have also ranked among the top 100 million in turnover.

  This year, Jingdong Double 11 changed its rhythm in previous years and advanced the rush to buy Double 11 to 8 pm on November 10th. The battle report was also issued first, and the real-time transaction volume was also not involved.

  According to data released by, just after 8 pm on the 10th, the turnover of home appliances exceeded 2 billion in 5 minutes. Trendy entertainment TVs, partition washing machines, fresh air air conditioners, and floor scrubbers all increased by more than 5 times year-on-year. The turnover of high-end notebook computers A year-on-year increase of 260%, and the turnover of edible oils and condiments for infants and young children increased by 30 times year-on-year.

  According to the data released by on November 11, within 4 hours from 8 pm on the 10th to 0:00 on the 11th, the top 5 categories of JD platform turnover: mobile phones, refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, washing machines, air conditioners; the top 5 categories of sales: milk and dairy products , Paper, shampoo, cooking oil, biscuit cake.

  Specifically, on JD Double 11, the purchase of complete sets of home appliances has become the mainstream, and the 4-hour transaction volume has increased by more than 6 times year-on-year; the computer digital transaction volume has reached a new high, of which the electronic education category transaction volume has increased by 100% year-on-year, and the 4K projector transaction volume In terms of mobile phones, the sales of high-end flagship mobile phones from Xiaomi, iQOO, OPPO, Honor, Huawei, and vivo exceeded 4 times the entire day on the 11th of last year; 21 categories in Jingdong supermarket reached the entire day of last year within half an hour to 4 hours. Transaction volume: The overall transaction volume of fresh food increased by 167% year-on-year, the time-honored brand and new domestic products increased strongly, the transaction volume of Guangming increased by 50 times year-on-year, and the transaction volume of Ningxin increased by 16 times year-on-year.

In addition, in the first 4 hours, the overall turnover of JD International increased by 11 times year-on-year, and nearly 1,000 imported brands increased by more than 100% year-on-year.'s double 11 consumption data shows that 30 minutes before the 11th,'s mid- and high-end home appliances were popular, with sales increasing by 43% year-on-year. Haier, Midea, and Hisense became the top 3 brands of major home appliances.

The one-stop mobile phone trade-in increased by 186% year-on-year, and the most trade-in areas were Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Chengdu.

Smart home decoration increased by 88% year-on-year, and the TOP3 brands are Yalan, Siji Muge, and Toshiba.

  The Paper, reporter Wu Yuxin, Fan Jialai