Looking at the new vitality of China's consumption from the "Double Eleven"

  The annual "Double 11" e-commerce shopping festival once again aroused everyone's enthusiasm for consumption.

  From the initial shopping spree of “chopping hands” and “wool wool” to now, rational consumption and quality consumption have gradually become the mainstream. “Double 11” has witnessed the upgrading of Chinese people’s consumption and the transformation of Chinese industries towards high-quality development. It has become an observation of China. An important window for new trends in consumption.

Domestic products "out of the circle", the influence of independent brands rises

  "I bought a set of domestic brand cookware on'Double 11' this year. The quality is not inferior to the big foreign brands, and the price is very high." Ms. Li, a Beijing citizen, told reporters that nowadays, domestic products with high quality and good price have become the first choice for daily shopping.

  Pien Tze Huang pearl ointment, Fang Hui Chun Tang black sesame pill, back to power shoes... This "Double 11", the domestic brand performed well.

Taobao live broadcast data shows that during the "Double 11" period, more than 180 time-honored brands opened live broadcasts, and the sales volume of several time-honored live broadcast rooms such as Caibai Jewelry, Sangun Underwear, and Hu Qingyutang exceeded one million yuan.

  In recent years, with the continuous innovation of domestic brands, many brands have ushered in explosive growth. A number of time-honored brands have cross-border "out of the circle" to meet the multi-level and personalized consumer needs of young people. The "national style" and "national tide" have become The new favorite of consumers.

  According to the consumer survey report released by the international consulting firm McKinsey in 2020, Chinese companies are currently working hard to upgrade the quality, performance and value of their products, and nearly one-third of consumers will choose Chinese brands for high-end products.

  Experts said that the strong "counterattack" of domestic products is behind the continuous improvement of the quality of domestic brands, which is a manifestation of the cultural confidence of contemporary consumers.

In the future, continuously satisfying new consumer demands through product innovation is not only an important part of the strong "fans" of Chinese brands, but also a key step for the long-term development of domestic products.

Energy saving and carbon reduction, green consumption leads the new trend

  Under the "double carbon" goal, this year's "Double 11", "low carbon" and "emission reduction" have become hot words, and a wave of green consumption has started online and offline.

  “In the past, you always lost shopping receipts when you go shopping. Now that you have electronic receipts, it’s not only more convenient and environmentally friendly, but you can also redeem green energy on the App.” said Ms. Chen, a citizen of Hangzhou.

  The relevant person in charge of Intime Department Store introduced that during the "Double 11" period this year, Intime Department Store launched its first green consumption festival, calling for the recycling of empty cosmetic bottles, the replacement of disposable packaging bags with your own shopping bags, and the use of electronic receipts for offline shopping. Citizens have low carbon, environmental protection and green consumption.

  As the background color of high-quality development, green is driving changes in production and consumption behavior.

  Suning.com’s big data shows that during the "Double 11" period, the number of omni-channel trade-in people increased by 74%, and the sales of new-level energy-efficient air conditioners increased by 69%; JD.com put into use the recycling packaging "Qingliu Box" in more than 30 cities across the country. Adhesive tape can be recycled dozens of times...

  Long Guoqiang, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, believes that the green transformation of consumption is a manifestation of people's need for a better environment after rising income levels. This trend will bring comprehensive and profound changes to global economic and social development.

The track is "new" and the service consumption space is broad

  Only 4 hours after the opening of "Double 11", JD Life payment orders increased by 8.8 times year-on-year, agency orders increased by 120% year-on-year, and the transaction volume of 9-price HPV vaccine reservation services increased by more than 10 times year-on-year.

In addition, new services such as pet health management and home storage and organization are welcomed by consumers.

  With the accelerated pace of domestic consumption upgrading, service consumption has grown rapidly.

During the epidemic, the trend of online service consumption became more obvious, and a series of “contactless” services such as Internet medical treatment and online entertainment audiovisual showed an explosive growth.

  "This year's "Double 11", the number of orders for car maintenance and other services in stores across the country has increased by nearly 40% year-on-year." According to the person in charge of Tuhu car maintenance, during the "Double 11" period, consumers can order online purchases and enjoy offline stores. Car maintenance, oil renewal, car beauty and other services.

  Chi Fulin, director of the China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute, believes that China is at a critical stage of upgrading its consumption structure. In the next ten or twenty years, Chinese people will be engaged in medical, health, tourism, vocational education, cultural and information industries, etc. Consumer demand in the service sector will continue to expand.

Digital intelligence empowers, deep changes in industrial logic

  "Through big data insights, we can predict popular fabrics, colors and styles in advance, and make precise customizations. Before the products are on the production line, we already know who to sell and where to sell." said Xiang Ruyi, founder of clothing brand FANO.

  "Generation Z", "small town youth", "new white-collar workers"... Emerging consumer groups bring more diversified and personalized segmentation needs.

By importing consumption data to capture potential demand, targeted design and research and development have become the choice of more and more brands.

With the empowerment of digital intelligence, R&D, production, sales, and service are no longer isolated links, but penetrate each other to form a complete industrial ecology.

  The changes brought about by digitalization do not stop here.

This "Double 11", relying on the direct sales model of e-commerce, a group of industrial belt factories went from "behind the scenes" to "before the stage"; new business formats such as cross-border e-commerce are developing rapidly, and China's consumer demand is driving the global supply chain to "moving" "; From "village broadcast", "factory broadcast" to "warehouse broadcast", new models such as live broadcast with goods promote the sales of agricultural products and help the revitalization of the countryside...

  "It is necessary to further promote the transformation and upgrading of the consumer industry structure, promote the supply of goods and services from the low-end to the high-end, and rely on new infrastructure such as 5G, the Internet of Things, and cloud platforms to accelerate the construction of a'smart +'consumption ecosystem. The release of consumption potential provides solid support." said Wang Wei, director of the Institute of Market Economy, Development Research Center of the State Council.

  (Reporters Wang Yuxiao and Zou Duowei)

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 11th