Sino-Singapore Jingwei, November 9th. On Tuesday, the three major A-share indexes collectively opened higher, and then maintained a volatile trend. The Shanghai stock index returned to 3,500 points.

The turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets exceeded RMB 1 trillion for the 13th consecutive trading day.

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  As of the close, the Shanghai stock index rose 0.24% to 3,507.00 points.

The Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.43% to 14,571.93 points.

The GEM index rose 0.88% to 3,409.94 points.

  On the disk, soy, corn and other sectors led the two markets.

Sectors such as coal mining and processing, airport shipping, and cloud gaming were among the top decliners.

  As of the close, the ratio of all trading stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks was 3098:1,225, with 95 daily limit and 3 daily limit.

  In terms of northbound funds, the net inflow of northbound funds exceeded 1.6 billion yuan throughout the day, of which the outflow of Shanghai Stock Connect exceeded 300 million, and the inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect exceeded 1.9 billion.

  In terms of individual stocks, today’s daily limit shares are as follows: Hubei Yihua (9.98%), Highlander (20.00%), Jingjiawei (20.00%), Rendong Holdings (10.04%), Longping High-tech (10.01%).

  The lower limit shares are as follows: New Research (-20.00%), Royal Court International (-9.93%), Yishang Show (-10.00%),

  The top five stocks with turnover rate are: Jiusheng Electric, Jinwo, Zhongqingbao, Horizon and Huguang, which are 44.902%, 41.658%, 40.430%, 39.871%, and 38.368%, respectively.

  Shanxi Securities said that the current comparison between the overall performance of A shares and the valuation is reasonable. In the long term, the upward trend of volatility is expected to continue, and the volatility and structural market will continue in the short and medium term. Investors are advised to continue to pay attention to the main line of performance.

  Everbright Securities mentioned that as liquidity remains stable, the money-making effect has stabilized, and market volatility has decreased significantly.

Investors can prepare with both hands: on the one hand, investors can now plan ahead with the idea of ​​maintaining or improving the economy next year. On the other hand, they also need to beware of the possibility of market adjustment due to lack of incremental funds and partial negatives.

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