Chinanews client, Beijing, November 9th (Reporter Li Jinlei) Recently, the 2021 corporate wage guidelines have been released in many places.

As of November 8, 14 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country have issued guidelines for corporate wages in 2021.

2021 is about to pass, have you raised your wages?

The guideline for corporate wages in 2021.

  14 provinces released guidance lines for corporate wages in 2021

  The corporate wage guideline is the government’s recommendations on the level of annual wage growth issued to the society in accordance with the economic development and control objectives of the year. It

consists of a baseline, an upper line (also called an early warning line) and a lower line.

  According to incomplete statistics, as of November 8, there are 14 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in Jiangxi, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Fujian, Shandong, Tibet, Tianjin, Gansu, Hunan, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, and Inner Mongolia in 2021. The guideline has been released.

  In terms of wage growth online, Shanxi has the highest rate of 12%.

Among them, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Fujian, Shandong, Tibet, Tianjin, Gansu, and Hunan have not set the line.

  In terms of wage growth baseline, it is mainly concentrated in the range of 6%-8%, with Jiangxi and Shanxi both set at 8%, which is the highest.

  In terms of wage growth offline, most regions set it at about 3%, among which Shandong and Inner Mongolia have not set the offline.

  Among them, Shandong is a region where neither the online nor the offline is set.

Shandong stated that the base of the guideline for corporate wages is the national average wage of 97379 yuan for employees in urban non-private units in 2020; it will no longer release monetary wage growth for corporate employees on or off the line.

The monetary wage growth baseline of corporate employees is 7%.

Data map.

Source: Visual China

  Efforts to improve the wage level of front-line employees

  Frontline workers are given priority care.

Many places emphasized in the 2021 corporate wage guideline notice that efforts should be made to increase the wage level of front-line employees.

  Jiangxi proposed that on the premise of adhering to the principle of distribution according to work, efforts should be made to increase the wages of frontline workers, especially skilled workers and migrant workers,

so that the wage growth of frontline workers should not be lower than the average wage growth of the company.

  Fujian has made it clear that efforts will be made to increase the wages of front-line workers.

When determining the increase in the wages of employees, enterprises must pay attention to raising the wages of front-line workers whose wages are relatively low, so that the increase in the wages of front-line workers is not less than the increase in the average wage of employees.

At the same time, enterprises should implement a mechanism for linking the increase in the wages of front-line workers and operators. For

companies where the average wage of front-line workers does not increase, the wages of operators should not increase.

  Hunan requires that enterprises should be guided to negotiate and determine the proportion of wage growth in 2021 based on the specific conditions of economic benefits and labor productivity, rationally arrange wage growth, and

focus on improving ordinary workers


low wages and slow wage growth

, especially those on the front line of production and skilled workers. Staff salary level.

Payroll data map.

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  Do companies have to increase their employees' wages?

  After the release of the corporate wage guidelines in 2021, companies and employees are concerned. Is this mandatory for employees to increase their wages?

Does the increase have to reach the guideline?

  In fact, it is not a mandatory requirement.

  Tianjin and Social Council, said that enterprises wage guidelines, the government in accordance with the "market mechanism to decide, independent distribution, employees' democratic participation, government supervision and guidance" principle, wage growth by measuring and analyzing the proposed recommendations

, only with guidance, not Mandatory.

RMB data map.

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  What is the role of corporate wage guidelines?

  Since it is not compulsory, what is the significance of issuing corporate wage guidelines?

The wage guideline can provide a reference for the collective negotiation of wages between the enterprise and its employees and for the enterprise itself to determine the level of wage growth reasonably.

  For different types of enterprises, many places have specified specific guidance in the notice.

  For example, if the production and operation of the enterprise are normal and the economic efficiency is increasing, the wage increase can be arranged around the baseline.

If the production and operation of the enterprise are normal and the economic benefits are growing slowly, wage increases can be arranged between the downline and the baseline.

The enterprise is indeed due to difficulties in production and operation. After consultation with the labor union or employee representatives, the wage level can be determined below the wage guideline (including zero or negative growth), but the wages paid to employees who have provided normal labor during the legal working hours shall not be Lower than the local minimum wage.

  Many places also require that the wage guideline's guiding role in the development of collective wage negotiations should be fully utilized, and

efforts should be made to improve the implementation effect and social influence of the wage guideline.

  Jilin requires that if a collective wage contract has been signed before the issuance of the company's wage guideline, if the wage increase rate of the employees involved in the original collective contract does not reach the wage guideline level, the wage growth level should be readjusted with reference to the wage guideline and combined with the company's operating conditions. , Sign the change of the collective wage contract as a supplementary agreement to the collective contract.

  Will your salary increase in 2021?