China News Service, Xining, November 6 (Reporter Sun Rui) The reporter learned from Xining Customs on the 6th that the addition of new members to the "AEO Enterprise" in Qinghai Province has not only improved the company’s international market competitiveness, but also improved the company’s competitiveness. international influence.

  AEO is the English abbreviation of "certified operator" and is a core system established by the World Customs Organization under the "Global Trade Security and Convenience Standard Framework". AEO qualification is recognized as the "green pass" for global trade. Certified domestic companies can enjoy the convenience of customs clearance in 20 economies and 46 countries (regions) that have achieved AEO mutual recognition with China.

  According to He Zhen, a member of the Enterprise Management and Inspection Division of Xining Customs, Qinghai Belden High Purity Material Development Co., Ltd. has recently become the second import and export enterprise in Qinghai Province with advanced customs certification.

AEO companies refer to "certified operators". The goods exported by China Customs AEO companies to mutually recognized countries (regions) can directly enjoy the reduced document review, reduced inspections, priority processing, and extraordinary periods provided by the customs of China and the other country. Many convenient measures such as priority customs clearance and designated coordinators to provide exclusive services can significantly reduce trade costs such as ports, terminals, and logistics, and enhance corporate competitiveness.

  According to data reported by the General Administration of Customs, as of the end of August 2021, China Customs has signed AEO mutual recognition arrangements (agreements) with 46 countries or regions in 20 economies, including Singapore, South Korea, and the European Union. First in the world.

Among them, 19 countries along the "Belt and Road", 5 RCEP member states and 13 Central and Eastern European countries.

China's AEO companies (advanced certification companies) account for about 60% of their total imports and exports to countries or regions that have mutually recognized AEOs.

  He Zhen said that AEO enterprises (advanced certified enterprises) are the enterprises with the best credit status certified by the customs in accordance with the "Customs Advanced Certified Enterprise Standards" and have undergone strict procedures.

In the pre-certification period, Xining Customs has carried out two years of careful guidance and cultivation by the Xihai Customs to which it belongs in accordance with the General Administration of Customs' "Administrative Measures for the Cultivation of Customs Enterprise Credit" and its stipulated content, procedures and requirements.

  "During this certification process, we formed a special working group, and certified personnel authorized by the General Administration of Customs came to the company to conduct on-site certification of its internal control, financial status, legal compliance, and trade security content, and organized Five items were specially rectified and the company passed the certification.” said Zhuo Macuo, director of Xihai Customs, that the company’s high-level certification qualification certificate not only means convenience in customs clearance, but also reflects the company’s good overall quality and import and export. Credibility will play a positive role in the company's efforts to win foreign orders and enhance the competitiveness and influence of products in the international market.

  He Zhen said that for import and export enterprises in Qinghai Province, actively applying to become an AEO company can strengthen the company's awareness of self-discipline and compliance, optimize internal control management, and improve integrity and compliance. It is also an important part of promoting the construction of credit Qinghai.

In the future, Xining Customs will take the opportunity of the formal implementation of the "People's Republic of China Customs Registration and Filing Enterprise Credit Management Measures" to continue to increase the cultivation of import and export enterprises in Qinghai Province, and focus on the traditional key enterprises in Qinghai import and export, taking into account the customs Specially supervised area enterprises, through the combination of online and offline, centralized cultivation and "one-to-one" key guidance, etc., vigorously carry out cultivation work and give full play to the duties and functions of the customs.