Recently, vegetable prices across the country have risen significantly.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced today

that since October, vegetable prices have risen by 16% month-on-month.

National vegetable prices rose 16% month-on-month in October

  In October, the national average wholesale price of 28 kinds of vegetables monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was 5.23 yuan per kilogram, up 16% month-on-month and 12.5% ​​year-on-year.

Different from the seasonal decline of autumn vegetables in October in previous years

, the price of vegetables in October this year

went up against the



Zhang Jing, chief vegetable analyst of the agricultural product market analysis and early warning team of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

: The main reason is that the severe weather disaster in the early stage caused the



" of


in the

northern producing areas

, resulting in a phased tightening of market supply, and at the same time an increase in cross-regional transportation. The rise in prices of agricultural and agricultural materials has also contributed to the rise in vegetable prices to a certain extent.

  According to Zhang Jing, since late September this year, large-scale and long-term rainfall has occurred in northern vegetable production areas such as Beijing, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, and Hebei. In some areas, rainfall has reached the extreme value of the same period in previous years, resulting in

widespread inundation of autumn vegetables


Liang Jing, person in charge of a vegetable planting base in Beijing

: The rains were very heavy this autumn. Our Chinese cabbage and baby cabbage were replanted once, and rain, blisters and flooding occurred. We have replanted three consecutive crops, and now the cabbage is also growing. It is not very uniform, and the output has been reduced by half compared to normal years.

  According to reports, heavy rainfall has caused a large increase in the prices of fresh and tender leafy vegetables and solanaceous vegetables. From the national average wholesale price in October, 26 kinds of 28 kinds of vegetables have increased month-on-month. Among them, the

price of cucumber has risen by 79.5% and the price of spinach. The month-on-month increase was 45.1%.

Beijing: Vegetable prices rise and fall, spinach and cucumber prices fall significantly

In October, vegetable prices in Beijing increased by about 50%

month-on-month. However, at the end of the month, there were new changes in vegetable prices.

At the Xinfadi agricultural product wholesale market in Beijing, merchant Ma Huijie told reporters that

in the last week of October, vegetable prices rose first and then fell


Beijing vegetable merchant Ma Hui



rape, lettuce, there are also local Shandong, two days prices fell a little, rape sell 2 per pound, a few days ago 3.5 yuan a pound, relatively warm day, vegetables grow faster a little.

Jia Tao, a vegetable merchant in Beijing: The

weather has improved and the output has increased. The highest peak of cucumbers sells for 5.8 yuan, 6 yuan per catty, and now 3 yuan per catty.

  In addition to the better weather, the market has also increased the intensity of vegetables entering Beijing. The main vegetable producing areas such as Hebei and Shandong have also begun to supply spinach, broccoli and other varieties, and prices have dropped significantly.

The car industry in Beijing vegetable merchants is strong: the

price of spinach has fallen in the past two days, ranging from 3.5 yuan per catty to 5 yuan per catty. When it was high some time ago, it was 7 to 8 yuan per catty. It mainly rained, and the vegetable bases were less stocked.

  The reporter learned that at

present, the prices of coriander, zucchini, and beans are also down about 20% from last week.