(Economic Observation) China-US Economic and Trade Dialogue: How can the two countries cooperate and share the new track of the digital economy?

  China News Service, Shanghai, October 30th (Reporter Xu Jing) As two major countries closely linked to the future prospects of human society, China and the United States have carried out economic and trade cooperation under the background of the digital economy era and played a leading role on a global scale, which is of great significance .

Inside and outside the second Sino-US Economic and Trade Forum of the European and American Alumni Association held in Shanghai, Chinese and American experts and representatives had a dialogue on "how to create a new pattern of digital economic cooperation".

  Participants believed that the United States is the originator of global digital information, and China is a rising star with the world's largest digital economy. The in-depth development of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation will be the inevitable development of the digital economy.

  Li Zhijian, vice chairman of the British branch of the European and American Student Association and chairman of the Guangdong Asia-Pacific Institute of Innovation Economy, analyzed that the current global value chain and global industrial chain reconstruction affects and changes the world economic order, and the global economic governance system is in urgent need of reform and innovation. The rapid development of the global digital economy provides a new historic opportunity for the economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States.

  "Under the background of the digital economy, the future of digital trade will become a new track." Li Zhijian researched and judged that Sino-US economic and trade cooperation may be reconstructed in this new track.

The United States may become a major exporter in terms of digital standards and content, and China may use its huge market to become the world's largest digital trade consumer in terms of digital trade.

In the future, the bottom, middle, and application layers of the digital economy will divide the industry chain, and the two countries will form cooperation.

  Guan Tao, global chief economist and managing director of BOC International Securities Co., Ltd., also believes that China and the United States have greater potential and space for cooperation in areas such as digital economy and digital trade development, especially the impact of the epidemic has created a background of social isolation Down.

  Guan Tao said that China has huge market advantages and has accumulated rich experience and application scenarios in practice.

In the future, China and the United States should accelerate cooperation in the digital field and jointly participate in the formulation of international rules leading the digital economy.

  Not only is it reconstructing the global value chain and global industrial chain, the digital economy is also driving changes in various fields around the world.

  Zhou Jianping, deputy general manager of Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd., took Baowu of China as an example to introduce how China's leading manufacturing companies are striving to achieve comprehensive digital transformation.

He believes that China has a lot to do in the field of digital economy, especially in industrial manufacturing chips, industrial software and other parts. "Traditional industries can also be digitally transformed."

  Zhou Jianping hopes that traditional industrial enterprises can carry out more cooperation with the United States in the digital infrastructure industry chain, finance, and green carbon neutrality.

  Participants also noticed that the vigorous development of the digital economy has brought benefits, but it has also brought new problems and challenges to areas such as government governance.

"Everyone hopes that U.S.-China relations will get back on track. The Internet is one of the most important topics. Both U.S. and Chinese Internet companies must pay attention to compliance issues." Reminded by Samuel Thomas Overholt, a senior strategic adviser in the field of government affairs and economics and trade.

  After analyzing the prospects of U.S.-China cooperation from the perspective of government affairs, Ou Yongming pointed out that the high-level exchanges between the U.S. and China will continue to increase. Looking forward to U.S.-China cooperation, U.S.-China economic and trade can be described as "linked to each other" and "win-win cooperation." This is the best way out. Business people in the two countries will also maintain their confidence and expectation.

  Li Xiaodong, founder of Fuxi Think Tank and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is concerned about how to build a new mechanism for digital economic and trade cooperation under the new consensus on Sino-US relations.

  Li Xiaodong believes that the isolated island of the country and the country should be broken, and for knowledge and information to flow, it is necessary to find a bridge that can effectively connect governments, enterprises and academia of various countries.

The coordinated development of China and the United States is a general trend. China has always been committed to maintaining the healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations and is also very keen to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation. The cooperation between the two parties will not only benefit China and the United States, but will also benefit the world. .