• Trade French fishermen threaten the UK: "They won't have much at Christmas"

France announced this Thursday the arrest of a British fishing boat off the coast of the port of Le Havre to fine him for different infractions at a time when relations between the two countries are strained precisely because of the fishing licenses that Paris demands from London on account of Brexit.

The French Government indicated in a statement that one of its Gendarmerie patrol boats carried out



on two ships in the Seine Bay

after its decision to tighten supervision in the English Channel "in the context of discussions on the licenses with the United Kingdom and the European Commission ".

One of the fishing boats initially tried to evade the control of the patrol boat, according to the French Ministry of the Sea, until after warnings from the gendarmes, it agreed to allow them to carry out verifications.

The agents did not find any infraction, but they fined him for resisting their control.

In the other controlled British fishing vessel, the gendarmes found that it

did not appear on the lists of licenses

agreed by the European Commission and France to the United Kingdom and it was taken to the port of Le Havre where a procedure has been opened.

The French Executive emphasized that this procedure can lead to the confiscation of the fishing that leads as well as to its immobilization until the payment of a fine.

"This represents important economic consequences for the shipowner," underlined the Ministry of the Sea in its statement, which also added that the captain could be subject to "criminal sanctions."

The Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, said Thursday in statements to the CNews channel that the British government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson understands only

"the language of force"

in this dispute.


added that he


that the British have understood that it is necessary to return to the negotiating table "but if they do not do it, we will continue".

The reinforcement of the controls in the English Channel are the first consequence of the warnings of the French Executive that through the mouth of its spokesman, Gabriel Attal, warned that they were running out of patience, and reiterated that they were preparing a series of measures of retaliation if there is no agreement before the end of the month.

For Paris

, London has not granted French fishermen almost half of the fishing licenses

to which it considers they are entitled to fish in British jurisdictional waters (especially around the Anglo-Norman islands, closer to France than to the UK) under the Brexit deal.

Attal advanced that systematic controls are prepared for fishery products arriving from the United Kingdom, but also the prohibition of British vessels landing their catches in French ports.

It is also contemplated to interrupt or reduce the energy supply of the Anglo-Norman islands, some of which are fed by electricity by submarine cable that arrives from France.

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